wedding invitationsWedding shower invitations should lay out all of the necessary information, yet still be attractive.
One way to do this is to have a picture engraved on the invitation.
Ask your engraver to add a small design on the inside of your invitation or wherever you have information about the reception.
If, for example, an ice cream social is your theme see if there is an ice cream cone or Sundae dish they can emboss onto the paper without taking away from the main body of the invitation. Remember that subtlety is stylish; you don’t want to come across as overpowering with your theme.

It may be difficult sometimes to know who to invite to the wedding shower.
As a general rule, the wedding shower hostess or hostesses should invite all family members of both the bride and the groom. She should also invite close friends of the bride and the bride’s family. She may also want to invite some of the bride-to-be’s co-workers. She should be sure to consult with the bride when compiling the guest list.
Try to organize the people invited so some will set up the wedding shower game, someone else will set up the wedding shower favor, and so on.

What do I put on a wedding Shower Invitation?

The wedding shower invitation should include the name of the bride to be, the date and time of the shower, and the address and phone number of the hostess/hostesses.
If you are concerned about the attendance at your wedding shower, consider including on the invitation a deadline date for the RSVP. (This is usually about two weeks prior to the shower date.)
It may be difficult to make up a wedding shower invitation without prior experience. Because of this, it may be a good idea to have the same person who did your bridal shower invitation to also do your wedding shower invitation.