wedding bellWhen you have a reception, many brides want something to decorate the tables and give to the guests as a token of her appreciation for sharing this wonderful day with her and her new husband. These like tokens are a part of the bridal accessories that need to be taken care of long before the wedding day arrives. Many brides choose online sources to find some beautiful and personal wedding favors. You can choose from so many different things, that you might decide to leave a different wedding favor at each table. Once you see all the wedding favors, it is hard to decide on just one.

One table might have wedding favor cameras.
This is becoming popular at weddings.
It allows all your guests to capture special moments that might otherwise not be seen.
You might think that having a photographer will catch everything you need, but would be surprised to know that your wedding day also includes them little things that the photographer is not concentrating on at the time. You never know what goes on behind the scenes when you have a fun and exciting reception. If you look under bridal accessories online, you can find some disposable cameras that can also be personalized.

Other popular wedding favors are the tin mints.
These come in different designs with a so many word inscription that adds to the personalization. You can place your name and date of the wedding on the back or front so that all your guests remember. Now a new concept that is catching on is the mix drink in a bag with your names and date of the wedding. These wedding favors are power form and you just add liquid and your guests have a specially made cocktail. A popular flavor is the Margarita mix. Think what fun that would be for your guests.

Bridal accessories and wedding favors are something all brides think about for days leading up to the wedding. If you want some great ideas, you could browse around the many websites that have hundreds of wedding favors and bridal accessories available. You can find bells, bottle stoppers, candy bars, lighters, key chains and candles for decorating the tables. You might even consider the wedding favors that act as both a gift to your guests and a name placeholder. For instance, you want grandpa next to grandma, you could find a wedding favor that has a special meaning as a gift and it will have a place to attach a name card so they know where they sit.

Wedding favors and bridal accessories are sometimes more fun to look for then other things you need for a wedding. If you have a small budget for wedding favors and think you cannot afford them, you will want to look online as many places have discounts for bulk orders. The wedding favors themselves are not very expensive depending on what you need or want. You could give a few or you could give one to everyone, the choice is always yours.