artificial wedding flowersOver the years, artificial flowers have drastically improved but how do imitation ranunculus wedding bouquets measure up against the real thing?  Ranunculus (part of the buttercup family) are available only in spring and winter, so lots of brides are choosing imitiation ranunculus wedding bouquets.

Presently, these bouquets are created from silk, and though the quality varies depending on who produces them, they look realistic. There are numerous advantages in selecting imitation ranunculus wedding bouquets. They’re very durable and you can have them made several months before the big day.  You will also have a long lasting memento of your big day, since real flowers will wilt and lose their petals. Ranunculus are a seasonal item so you can save a lot of money out of season by choosing artificial flowers instead of the real thing.

The cons to selecting imitation ranunculus wedding bouquets are that when the ranunculus are in season, the artificial bouquets aren’t going to be much cheaper.  Additionally, if you’re going to have close up pictures done, imitation ranunculus wedding bouquets don’t photograph well and people can clearly see that they are fake. If you do choose to use imitation ranunculus wedding bouquets just make sure you pick a well established company that provides high quality replicas, since the last thing you want is to have artificial flowers that look like a childs toy.

When real ranunculus aren’t in season, if you want to be creative and save money at the same time, try incorporating the artificial ranunculus wedding bouquet in with some genuine flowers.  This way, you still get to have them on your wedding day and people will be less likely to know they aren’t real.

Finally, remember that your flowers are just a tiny part of your big day, so they don’t absolutely have to be real flowers.  Your wedding flowers can make this day special or they can cause you a lot of headaches. So put a lot of thought into your decision on whether or not to choose an artificial ranunculus wedding bouquet or the real thing.  Either way, whichever you select, the most important thing is that you enjoy your big day and make it a special one you will always remember.