Every couple wants to have a unique and memorable wedding to create those treasured memories that will be carried off not just by the happy couple, but also by their family, friends and guests.

unique weddingA few years ago, I attended a wedding for my wife’s cousin in Florida that was held on a small island in the heart of the Lake Worth Lagoon, just off the coast of the city of Palm Beach. The day of the wedding was gorgeous with typically lovely Florida weather: clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds scudding overhead, cool ocean breezes wafting over everything, and that evening, after the wedding ceremony, a magnificent sunset spread across the sky in a burst of radiance that took everyone’s breath away. It almost seemed like the wedding planner had supplied it just for this occasion. All in all, it was a lovely affair in a truly magnificent natural setting. And you know what? That isn’t the only reason this wedding was so unique.

First of all, having the wedding on Peanut Island was special because the entire wedding party had to assemble on the pier and ride over on a ferry. The short sea voyage added an element of exoticism and adventure to the whole affair that made it really special and fun. And Peanut Island is beautiful, with excellent campsites, a modern pier, all surrounded by a man made reef just made for snorkeling in the clear waters of Lake Worth Lagoon.

After we got to the island, there was a surprise waiting for us. It turns out that Peanut Island contains an emergency fallout shelter built during the Cold War for President John F. Kennedy. The Kennedys had their family compound only a short distance away from Peanut Island, and the shelter was put in to protect the President in case of a nuclear attack that occurred while he was visiting Palm Beach. So not only did we get to attend this unique wedding in an absolutely breathtaking natural setting, once the wedding ceremony was over, we were allowed to visit the shelter. Going inside wasn’t a grim experience at all. Because the Cold War never went hot, the shelter was just a quaint and interesting artifact from a turbulent period in American history. It was certainly an odd juxtaposition of elements, but the overall effect was unforgettable.

Every couple should be as lucky as my wife’s cousin and his bride in having such a unique and memorable wedding.