This is the next part in a 20-day long series. If you’ve missed any of it, you can find all of the tips in the category: Do it Yourself Wedding Plans.
These are all of the steps you need to schedule your time and budget for when you’re planning a DIY Wedding. The who’s, what’s, where’s as well as the when’s and how’s.

Wedding Ceremony Location

diy wedding venueHave you finally set the date?
Now’s the time to shop around for a budget-friendly venue for the wedding ceremony!
Rather than hiring a wedding planner to set it all up for you, save some money for the honeymoon and do it yourself!

Finding an inexpensive location for the wedding can be as easy as looking at your local church, although most of them will want you to be members of the congregation for a set amount of time before presiding over your wedding.
If you do already belong to your church, ask your pastor/father/reverend what fees they charge for the wedding.
They may have packages or options for your ceremony.

Don’t forget, anyone presiding over your wedding will have options for vows, scripts, or different parts of the ceremony itself.
You and your groom will need to read through them and decide what works best for you both!
Your wedding vows are the main event at the ceremony, so make sure they’re perfect.
You may want to write your own or write them together and that’s a great idea if you know what you want to say!
If not, whoever presides over the ceremony will be plenty of help for ideas.

Any suburban or urban backyard can be converted into a fairy-tale garden with lots of flowers, an arch or pavillian, or even a few pillars.
Find someone with a lot of folding chairs or rent them for the guests.
If the head of your local church does not suit you, a justice of the peace will do the job just fine, or a local ordained minister that can legally preside over a wedding ceremony.
Regardless of who performs the ceremony, make sure they are licensed in your state!

If you want decorations, such as an aisle runner or flowers and bows on the end seats, now is the time to take count.
You’ll need to know what you want later on when you meet with your florist.
Consider if you want to use a wedding centerpiece on the alter or if there are pillars that could use some decorating. Take plenty of pictures so you can reference them later!
These pictures really do come in handy!
Plus, it’s always fun to show of your wedding plans to friends, family, and coworkers!

diy wedding locationWhere ever your ceremony is going to be, make sure you take into consideration the number of guests you plan on inviting.
You don’t want to leave anyone out because the room will only seat a two-thirds of your guest list.
You also have to be sure there’s enough room for all the bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand up beside you!
Do you want a long aisle to walk down or a short jaunt to your groom?
Indoors or outside?
Is it heated or air conditioned?
Remember, everything is in the details!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next step of many that you’ll need to attend to for planning your Do it Yourself Wedding.