With this ring, or maybe that ring, grooms have more choices than ever before.

grooms wedding ringOnce upon a time the plain gold band was the only choice for a man’s wedding ring.
While brides-to-be deliberated over filigree, gem stones and other detailing, grooms simply told the jeweler their finger size and went on their way.
But times have changed.

Today grooms have a host of options, from intricately detailed to customized creations.
Wedding rings come in a variety of styles, metals and finishes to fit the personality of every groom.
The trend today is definitely about individual style.

While gold will always be a popular choice, other metals are currently gaining favor.
“Many men are stepping outside the box to personalize their wedding band by using alternative metals to express their individuality,” says Marsha Bryant, senior buyer for 18K gold and platinum at ShopNBC.
“This season, men’s rings are both functional and fashionable.”

Platinum, a silver-colored precious metal, is a big trend right now.
According to the Platinum Guild International, the number of brides and grooms choosing platinum rings has reached 40 percent.
A matte finish is hot right now, as it gives a subdued, modern look.
While more expensive than gold, it is also more durable, making it a good choice for those who work with their hands.

No longer just a girl’s best friend, many grooms are adding diamonds to their rings.
Nothing over the top, according to wedding Web site, TheKnot.com.
These rings give just a bit of sparkle, often in a style that compliments the bride’s ring.
Most popular are channel-set or gypsy-set stones that offer a flush mounting and secure fit.

For a personal look, many grooms are adding special details.
Custom engraving is a great option for grooms who want a ring unique to them.
Rings like the Personalized Message Ring from ShopNBC allow couples to imprint names, dates or a special phrase on the outside of the ring, creating a treasured family heirloom.
Some grooms are creating jewelry wardrobes by matching key pieces.
“Rings that compliment watchband styles were recently introduced at this season’s international jewelry shows,” says Bryant.

Many grooms unaccustomed to wearing jewelry are discovering the newest ring metal: titanium.
This lightweight, durable metal comes in either satin or polished finishes, often with an accent stripe of gold.
Titanium rings provide an up-to-date look at an affordable price.

When shopping for a ring, remember to check for marks that indicate you’re getting the metal you pay for.
Gold is stamped according to its karat: 14K or 18K.
Platinum is marked with PLAT, PT, PT950 or IRIDPLAT.
Look for a ring that not only matches your taste, but also your life.
Intricate carvings will catch debris, and may not be a good choice for those who engage in messy work.
Matte finishes tend to show scratches more quickly.
And some people are sensitive to metals and may have skin allergies that make one metal a more desirable choice than another.

Take your time when selecting a ring.
Remember, long after the tuxedos have been returned and the limo ride has ended, your wedding ring will be with you each moment to remind you of your lasting commitment.