personal wedding giftIt is the thought that first permeates your brain the very second you see the oversized, egg shell colored envelope in your stack of mail.  Well, it is possible that your initial thought may be wondering who decided that egg shell made a good color.  Probably Sherwin-Williams.  So coming in at a close second would most likely have to do with “it is time to go shopping for a wedding gift.”  Half of the fun of wedding season is finding the perfect wedding dress, and the other half is spent in search of the perfect wedding gift.

Cupid Should Have It So Easy

Possibly due to weariness over having to listen to many a disgruntled bride bemoan her Aunt Prissy’s techno-color macramé wall hanging/photo frame nightmare of a wedding gift, the lofty (and oh so chic) Wedding Gods created the bridal registry and placed it in every major department store.  From everyday popular markets to the high end boutiques that the posh and pampered frequent, those bad boys have invaded the malls like Napoleon bent on world domination.

Reach for the stars little bride-to-be. But you should also resign yourself to the sad and scary truth that you could register in every store from Tampa to Seattle and Aunt Prissy would probably still be breaking out the macramé. Yes, bridal registries are a wonderful thing to have graced this world.  They also make life just a little bit easier for everyone involved, especially those doing the gifting.  Is there any saving grace for straying from the perfectly organized and computed path?  The magic eight ball says maybe.

Tips To Keep You Faux Pas Free

It really is best to stick to the list if you want to keep the Zilla inside the bride, but there are a few exceptions to this “Wedding Don’t.”

1) Nothing says cash in the newlyweds’ pockets like…well cash in a wedding greeting card.  Yes, you forgot to pick up a present until the only things left on the registry was an Eiffel Tower night light and a set of chargers.  Who buys just chargers?  Do not fret about your seemingly insensitive gift; your cash gift will make for great extra spending money on the honeymoon.

2) You have a good friend or family member that is getting married and happens to have rather expensive taste.  Maybe she thought it would be cute to register at a fancy-shmancy department store for dinner plates that cost as much as your dress and shoes.  There are always a few options to go with; cold hard cash, a gift card, or hope that you can break up that salt and pepper shaker set. You can also try finding similar items at a different (and less pricey) store.  Be sure you stick as close as possible to her color scheme. And really splurge on the card.

3) It is natural to want to add a more personal touch to your wedding gift.  Perhaps a poem housed in a beautiful photo frame?  Or even a meaningful photo in that frame instead?  New brides can usually never have enough photo albums.  Opt for something simple and classic, and not covered in hot glued lace and sequins.  Enough said on that one.

There is not anything written in stone, or calligraphy that says you have to spend a lot of money on a wedding gift.  You may feel like a Ziggy greeting card, but your gift

that comes from the heart will mean more to her than any crystal wine glasses or silver plated coffee urns.  That bread machine is another matter; you may have to add a few candles to your sentiment to make up for not getting that.