When you are planning a wedding, you want to have a beautiful ceremony with a fantastic reception. One thing that most brides- to-be forgets about until they look for the perfect cake is the cake topper. The cake topper is part of your bridal accessories package as it symbolizes the reunion of the two of you. There are so many different cake topers to choose from for the top of the cake. Whether you have a sheet cake or a towering cake, you want to have cake topper that accents the cake and represents the union. You can have a custom-made cake topper or a topper that is supplied by the company making the cake.

If you are having a themed wedding, you might want to have a custom-made topper with a Hawaiian couple in hoola skirts or a couple in tropical attire. Many people today are fore going the traditional cake toppers representing a couple and decide to choose animals that represent love and purity. You might choose a dolphin or a unicorn. Other toppers that have become popular are gothic cake toppers and palm trees. You cake can be as special as you want it and top it with anything that represents your taste and express your thoughts.

wedding topper decoration

Cake toppers are a part of the bridal accessories and many brides have become a little daring when it comes to topping the wedding cake. Some have chosen Precious Moments cake toppers while others have chosen funny or humorous cake toppers. The bride is the queen for the day and it is her decision on what topper she would like for the wedding cake. One bride might have a hobby that she really enjoys and may choose a topper to represent the hobby. Another bride might think of the cake topper as a way to thank the guests for sharing the special day with a candle topper. There are so many different cake toppers to choose from when you decide on the cake.

A unique and different type of cake topper is the couple in a car, leaving the reception on their way to the honeymoon. This topper is on a wood deck with a plate that has your names and date. This has become a popular cake topper for brides everywhere. The bridal accessories are not just limited to traditional toppers anymore. People have become more open to themed weddings, plain casual weddings and just a simple I do and party type of wedding.

When you are thinking about the bridal accessories, you want to remember the cake topper and find one that reflects on you and your intended. When you do, you will find that you have a unique and original topper that makes a statement as to who you are and what this day means to you. The fun of picking just the right topper is what makes the cake so special, you put many hours into finding just the right cake topper to express yourself on your wedding day.