With the growing popularity of motorcycles and the biker lifestyle, more and more couples are opting to live the biker life, and that includes having a biker wedding.

If you’re new to the scene, you may not always know what’s appropriate, but that’s okay.
One thing about bikers is that while they have their traditions, they are all pretty casual.
As long as they know they’ll be treated with respect, the bike-loving crowd is open to just about anything.

biker weddingIf you’re attending a biker wedding, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie, and don’t expect the groom to wear a tux and the bride the traditional flowing white dress, but you as a guest will be expected to wear your best leather jacket, chaps or vest, shine up those motorcycle boots and have a reasonable standard of personal hygiene.

For biker babes, leather is fine too, but they may want to accent their natural charms with flowers in their hair or a freshly pressed Harley-Davidson bandana to contain their flowing locks.

For the wedding itself, it’s okay to have a flower girl, but instead of rose petals, why not have her strew the bridal carpet with little cutouts of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs to add a distinct flavor to the whole affair.
And while you’re at it, see if you locate a biker preacher to officiate in his finest riding leathers.

Wherever you stage a biker wedding, and it isn’t always staged in a church, the place should be decorated in a style that’s in keeping with a biker theme.
It could be held in the couple’s favorite biker bar or pool hall, with custom centerpieces on all of the tables.

One touch that I really like is having bride and groom Bottle Koozies on bottles of beer at every table.
Bride styled Koozies would be for the bride’s friends and family of course, while those showing up from the groom’s side would have Koozies that look like tuxedos.

The wedding favors should reflect the biker theme as well.
How about getting temporary tattoos printed up with a picture of the happy couple on their favorite bike, or with their names and the date of the wedding?
If there are children attending, give them toy Harleys.
For the adults, how about tire gauges printed with the happy couple’s names to immortalize their wedding day?

Some other good suggestions for party favors are lighters emblazoned with the Harley-Davidson logo, Harley pattern bandanas, wallet chains, Harley key chains or cans of Harley-Davidson beer.

Since this is a biker wedding we’re talking about be sure to lay in plenty of beer.
It’s considered the height of bad taste to run out of suds at a biker wedding, and bikers drink like fish so plan ahead!