wedding hair choicesAfter picking out your perfect wedding gown, the wedding hairstyle you choose is probably the most important choice you’ll make. Just remember, whatever style you choose will be recorded forever in your wedding photos, so don’t be influenced by some trendy hairstyle that you see in a magazine on some movie star that you might regret in later years. No, for wedding hairdos I favor a somewhat conservative approach. Go with what looks good with the shape of your face and with the type of hair you have, whether it’s curly, straight, wavy or somewhere in between. Also, don’t get too radical when it comes to altering the length of your hair. If it’s long or medium length now, don’t crop it too short. After you’ve picked out your wedding dress, think about what style will be the most flattering depending on the overall look you’re trying for. For example, if you’ve chosen a very traditional, long, full gown, then you’d probably look silly with a teased up, punky-looking hairstyle.

The style you choose should not only be flattering to your face and complement the gown you’re wearing, it should also look well with the headgear you’re wearing. While many brides opt for the traditional veil, some add a tiara to that look. A veil and tiara would look well with an upswept hairstyle with a pile of curls on the crown of the head. If you go with a tiara, though, whether it’s adorned with pearls or diamonds or more humble materials, you’re almost obligated to wear a sophisticated hairstyle or you’ll just look silly, like a little girl playing princess.

However, if you opt for a simple headband you have the option of wearing your hair up or down. A crown or wreath of white flowers is very traditional and can set off your loveliness with a look that’s both fresh and classic. The design for this can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Curls provide a soft, romantic look that can complement an elegant gown, but if you’re going for a more modern look, then you’ll probably want to go with a refined upswept hairstyle that emphasizes the shape of your face, the curve of your neck and even your lovely bare shoulders.

If your hair is long, you might want to accent it with a comb adorned with pearls, jewels or flowers. Combs can be worn with one on the back of the head, or on either side for a look of timeless elegance.

By selecting the right combination of these items, picking the wedding hairstyle that’s right for you doesn’t have to be a tough challenge, but simply enhances the elegance and beauty of the overall surroundings.