The honeymoon is one of the most expensive aspects to planning a wedding.
I thought we’d end the session looking at ways to SAVE money while not sacrificing a good time.

If you follow the wedding planning calendar, then you know that you should start planning the honeymoon early. I suggest working with a travel agent who can help you figure out the best trip for you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re booking a trip several months ahead of time or last minute in a lot of cases if you book your trip online. You can find some really great deals this way. There are several websites online that you can find that offer these deals.


You may hear people talking about waiting to buy once you get to your honeymoon destination. I can tell you that prices are always inflated for tourists. You don’t want to wait to shop. Start looking around for bargains before the big day. You’ll be glad you did. You can usually find good deals on film, batteries, toiletries, etc. ahead of time.


I just told you how to save money before the honeymoon. Now, let’s talk a little bit about how you can save money during the honeymoon. I suggest that you visit many stores during your day out on the town. Simply shop around before settling on any one item.

You’ll find prices vary from store to store. In a lot of cases, the stores carry the same merchandise because there are certain items that are unique to that part of the world. Shop around during your honeymoon for the best prices and don’t be afraid to try to barter the sales people down.


Who wants to go to Jamaica in the height of summer? Who wants to go to Europe in the fall? Who in the world would ever dream of going to Australia in the winter? You do, that’s who especially if it means saving hundreds of dollars! Here’s something important to note. Off-season doesn’t necessarily mean bad weather. A lot of people assume it does.

Off-season simply means that fewer people are traveling to these destinations for a variety of reasons. It could have something to do with the end of summer break and the beginning of the school season. It’s really hard to tell in some cases. However, the important thing to note for you is that there are advantages to planning an off-season honeymoon.

One of the biggest advantages is you’ll get cheaper prices on hotel and airfare. That’s because there are fewer people traveling during off-season. You’ll also get better service from cab drivers, tour guides, hotel and restaurant employees, etc. They’ll just be glad to see you around because the crowds won’t be around.


Going to a cheaper destination does not mean that you won’t have a good time. Places like Mexico and Canada are more affordable based on their low currency rates. Other places like the Bahamas and Jamaica are so frequently traveled that it has helped to bring down the rates. Choosing a cheaper destination could be an economically healthy alternative for you.


There are several advantages to staying close to home for your honeymoon. You save time, money and a lot of hassle that comes from traveling if you drive. I know a lot of couples that were able to upgrade to better accommodations because they decided to drive to a local resort.


Here’s a tip that very few penny pinchers ever think about. At least, they’re always in shock when I bring it up! There’s always that “must eat at” restaurant in every travel destination. It’s usually a five star restaurant with great food, service and high prices. Well, try eating at this place for lunch instead of dinner.

Lunch prices are usually more affordable.
Plus, if you don’t like the food, then you won’t be stuck with a high tab. If you like the food, then say what the heck!
Splurge! Go back for dinner, but let it be your choice to spend the big bucks, not theirs. Also, don’t forget to ask about Happy Hours. It’s another great way to have fun and save money.