This is the next part in a 20-day long series. If you’ve missed any of it, you can find all of the tips in the category: Do it Yourself Wedding Plans.
These are all of the steps you need to schedule your time and budget for when you’re planning a DIY Wedding. The who’s, what’s, where’s as well as the when’s and how’s.


Flowers and Bouquets

diy wedding flowersIf you’re the creative type, it may be easy for you to make DIY wedding centerpieces and budget-friendly bouquets.
Lots of brides find inspiration on the internet and copy styles they like.
While some people are okay with spending a fortune on a few flowers, it’s easy to save some money on your wedding by cutting the cost of the flowers.

Every bridesmaid and the maid-of-honor get smaller versions of the bride’s bouquet.
Every grooms man and best man get boutineres similar to the groom’s.
The flower girl and ring bearer get flowers.
So do the parents of the bride and groom.
Anyone who stands up to read, sing, or play an instrument.
Did I mention the church and reception decorations?
Phew, that’s a lot of flowers!

One tip on saving money is making your own wedding decorations and centerpieces.
Buy some small vases at the dollar store along with some ribbon to match your wedding colors.
Add some glass stones to the bottom and two or three flowers.
Boom! Instant centerpieces!
Save even more money by using these centerpieces at the ceremony to decorate the alter and designate someone to deliver them to the reception hall immediately after!

Another money saver is to find some videos online that will teach you how to make your own bows.
Use them instead of flowers to hang on the ends of the pews.

Talk to your florists.
Give them some ideas for what flowers and colors you want to use.
Let them know how simple or extravagant you want it to be.
Even a small bouquet can have a big impact with some crystals or a beautiful ribbon.

Shop around and interview a few florists before choosing your favorite flowers.
They will usually require you to pay in advance, so bring your checkbook once you decide which florist you think will work best for you and your groom.

wedding ceremony flowersRemember, your wedding, your style.
Make sure you know what you like before calling around.
If you call and ask how much does it cost for all the flowers in a wedding, the florist won’t be able to give you even an estimate.
Every wedding is different.
Different flowers have different prices.
More bridesmaids means more bouquets.
Write down all of your requirements before sitting down with the florist.

Another great bouquet idea is adding a memoriam.
I recently saw a bride who’s mother had previously passed add one of her mother’s favorite flowers and a photograph of her in the bouquet.
That way, she felt closer to her mom during the biggest day of her life.

Don’t let price tags make you pass out.
Work smart, not hard, to save yourself some money.
Remember, your biggest day does not have to mean your biggest debt!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next step of many that you’ll need to attend to for planning your Do it Yourself Wedding.