You have selected the wedding gown and decided on just the right shoes and hairstyle, so the only thing left now is the bridal jewelry to complete the entire outfit.  So, exactly what type of bridal jewelry should you select?

bridal jewelrySince the bridal jewelry is the final touch in completing the way you look, what you select will make or break the style you want to convey on your wedding day.  Numerous brides choose to be adorned with diamonds or pearls.  However, since some new wedding dresses have gems or stones of varying kinds already on them, you should make sure the bridal jewelry you select to wear compliments the wedding dress you are wearing.  Be sure to keep it in theme with your dress. You wouldn’t want to wear bridal jewelry made with pearls when the wedding gown has beautiful crystals on it.

Along with the beautiful wedding gown you will wear on your special day, you will want to highlight some of your best features. As an example, if your eyes are your best feature, then you shouldn’t wear an elegant eye-catching wrist bracelet that will draw spectator’s eyes down from your face and to the bridal jewelry resting low on your arm.

If you select a tiara make sure it is in balance with the rest of your bridal jewelry, since it’s distasteful for a bride to wear an overpowering tiara that just doesn’t fit in lines with the rest of the bridal jewelry worn. A lot of brides choose to wear simple, yet elegant bridal jewelry and then try to match it with a large, heavy tiara, which just destroys the perfect look they were trying to accomplish in the first place.

Bridal jewelry can be on any part of your body, not just on the wedding dress.  Placing some on your shoes, for instance, may complete that extra special look while not being too powerful at the same time. This gives them a unique sparkle as long as it isn’t overdone if you use care and common sense.

Finally, when selecting bridal jewelry, remember to not go overboard.  Too much isn’t better than to little.  You don’t want to be too glitzy by placing a lot of bridal jewelry on yourself or the clothing you wear.  Most wedding dresses, accessories, etc., are already beautiful enough by themselves, so it isn’t really necessary to adorn yourself by an extreme use of jewels.