I think we all dream of a perfect getaway with our honey bun, somehow, some way.
Well, I’ve finally heard of perhaps the ultimate place to spend a gay honeymoon.
It’s a long way off and it’s certainly not cheap, but going there would be the trip of a lifetime.

Have you ever had a hankering to go to Bali and just lounge on a perfect beach while gazing out across an endless azure sea while waiting for the waiter to bring you an umbrella drink?
Well, if you can afford it, the staff of the Four Seasons Resort Bali will do its best to spoil you and your honeybear in a place that was designed to be a romantic location.

New couples wanting their privacy will appreciate the superb villa accommodations: 750 square feet of space composed of three thatch-roof pavilions surrounded by stone walls.
You and your new husband (or wife) can sleep in the sleeping pavilion that appropriately includes a queen-size bed draped with mosquito netting, a nice touch in the balmy but buggy tropical climate.

The sleeping pavilion also includes a luxurious bathroom with a marble shower and a giant tub big enough for three.
If you’re feeling frisky, you can also pop outside and use the stone shower out in your private garden.
You’ll also have the privacy of dining tete à tete in your own private dining pavilion with dinner served by a well-trained staff.

One word of warning, though.
Despite the incredible beauty of the location and the otherwise faultless service, the food served at the resort is merely good, and not up to the superb standards of this tropical hideaway.

The pool here is absolutely incredible, an absolutely gorgeous infinity pool, not to mention the very romantic waterfall pool, cold and hot pools to immerse yourself in, and a superb stretch of beach along that endless South Seas vista.

If you’re not in the mood for swimming and you need a break from frolicking in the sleeping pavilion, you can also take in the tennis courts, two restaurants, the art gallery, or get facials, massages and manicures at the health spa, and one of the absolutely coolest antique and handicraft shop on the entire island of Bali, bar none.

Really, it’s so beautiful, and there’s so much to do, that I don’t know why anyone would leave.
Bali really is a paradise, but it may not stay so pristine forever, so book your tickets now, while there are good deals around because of the slackening demand for world travel.