uninvited wedding guestsWhen it’s your special day, inevitably there will be some wedding guests that you just do not want in attendance.  But how exactly do you tactfully accomplish not inviting these unwanted people?  Furthermore, how about those clueless people who just assume that they are an invited wedding guest and start mentioning to you about showing up at YOUR wedding?  Have you already resigned yourself to the fact that they will establish their presence at this event, although it will be an unwelcomed one, or do you plan to do something about this?

The trick for brides is to use a professional wedding planner, who then makes them the bad guy instead of you.  Wedding planners don’t mind this at all, that’s part of their job. These professionals realize it is very difficult to uninvite a wedding guest.  They also know it’s hard for the bride to tell these people in the first place that they are not invited without breaking down in tears, since the bride has enough stress already without additionally worrying about who is going to be attending or not.

However, when you are strolling down the wedding aisle, or when you are dancing at your wedding reception, you really should just be surrounded by those special people who make you truly happy.  So, if that means that you don’t invite your boss, or you have to tell your mothers closest friend of 25 years that she is not one of the invited wedding guests, then so be it!

It can be difficult, but many brides will have to sit down with their parents and simply explain that their close friends, acquaintances, or neighbors will not be receiving an invitation to the wedding.  Realize, the bride’s mother will probably be disappointed by this decision, but they should be understanding by this choice of who exactly you want to be in attendance at your wedding.

Should anybody be upset on your decisions about who will or will not be a wedding guest, simply tell them: this is my wedding day and I prefer people there who I feel the most close to.

If you need to take the easy way out, you could always explain that it is just a small affair, and that it’s immediate family only.  However, what if it really isn’t?  Will you cave in and let everyone that your family wants to be there attend? Just don’t do it.  You must stand up and be a bride that holds her ground.  This is your special day where everything should just be about you, and what you want.  Those uninvited wedding guests can heal their wounds at their house with a gallon of ice cream.  They’ll get over it, trust me.