vegetarian wedding food“Greens, greens and nothing but greens…”
sang the witch in an excerpt from the famous musical, Into the Woods.
The witch may have raised favors for most vegetarians out there regarding their diets but who would have thought on raising favors for a vegetarian wedding?

Vegetarianism dates back all the way to the 6th century from groups populating India, Greece and Southern Italy.
It holds the basic idea of non-violence to animals.
Vegetarianism grew in popularity among the Western World because of the concerns brought about by ethics, nutrition and as the years went on, concerns on the economy and the environment began to sip in.
Unlike veganism, vegetarianism offers more classifications for people who plan to take it up.
Both the vegan and the vegetarian couple share similar ideals and is it not better to show their loving union by having their very own vegetarian wedding!

Weddings are already among the great number of budding industries.
In today’s tech-friendly environment, there are already significant arrays of websites and institutions that help the bride and groom, vegetarian, vegan or not, to plan the wedding of their dreams.

Some websites offer wedding planning services that are as flexible for both the couple’s and their family’s soon to be hectic schedules.
These wedding planners are fully equipped to offer all around assistance to your vegetarian wedding demands.
Among the first to be planned in your special vegetarian wedding is booking your location.
Some four star hotels and resorts are labeled as eco friendly places and even offer vegetarian menus for their guests.
You and your soon-to-be must talk things over and share each of your ideas on putting up a great, sumptuous vegetarian feast for your guests.
Some chefs would even make special entrees in behalf of the couple that could symbolize their love.

Although vegetarian menus usually cost a little more than the regular dishes served, think that you are offering your guests a certified healthy meal.
For you and your partner’s gown and suit, there are several designers in the market that sell and design organic gowns and suits.
These apparels are organic mainly because they do not use animal product and are natural.
Nowadays, several designers have harbored the organic trend because there is already a growing market of compassionate consumers.

No wedding can be complete without the natural and endearing appeal of flowers.
Contact your favorite florist or flower shop and ask about organic flowers.
The beauty of organic flowers is that these flowers are free of harmful pesticides and can usually be used to lovingly decorate your vegetarian cake!
There are also the invites, favors, souvenirs, rings and of course the cake to consider which can all be organic and therefore uphold your vegetarian ideal.

Green is a wonderful and beautiful color and is a fresh new approach to a wedding and of course a blossoming romance.
Remember that weddings are events that usually require much thought and extensive preparation so planning and working with the person you love will be a very gratifying experience, especially if you and your partner planned on holding a beautiful vegetarian wedding.