Many brides have the usual problem when their engagement has already occurred and now it is time to get yourself ready for the wedding day: dieting.  You may already have all the successful skills at dieting, or perhaps you are a novice at it, however, one thing is for sure, absolutely no one likes wedding diets.

wedding dietsHealthy eating habits might make you feel better physically, but let’s get serious for a minute, who can really eat perfectly healthy when you have all the stress of planning the wedding arrangements & numerous other things going on.  Especially when you have a due date to get it done by? Usually what happens is that you probably put it off until the absolute very last minute, or don’t really fully commit to the diet plan. Then when it comes close to the end, you try to follow some crazy crash wedding diet that will most likely have you feeling very weak, perhaps irritable, and worse yet, unable to concentrate on all the wedding plans you still have to get done!

If this were a perfect world, most brides would not even have to have any concerns about fitting inside that small tight fitting wedding gown.  Unfortunately, this is the one big day you get to be the princess you’ve always imagined, plus everyone’s eyes will be focused mainly on you, and since you want to look beautiful, you think you have to do whatever you can! Even if that means you utilize dozens of crazy wedding diet plans.

Now before you go off eating only cabbage soup for months before the wedding, or try to live on a combination of only water flavored by honey and pepper, you should get realistic about what you can actually accomplish before your special day using these wedding diets. For instance, you should never cut your calorie intake too drastically all at once. Also, do not deprive yourself of the good foods you prefer, because all the details of the wedding planning process should be a fun one, not dangerous to your health or destructive to your mood which many of these wedding diets result in.

Some women believe they have quite a few pounds they need to lose, so the brides begin these wedding diets where they are consuming less than 800 calories per day, plus they are running 10 miles and doing strength training every day. The result is that they get depressed then begin snapping at anyone and everyone. Sometime thereafter, they will call up their wedding planner in tears because the groom to be has simply had enough of this craziness. He says that if she doesn’t stop these insane wedding diet plans, the wedding is over before it starts.  The worst part is that the wedding gown has already been  ordered and it is still a size or two smaller than what their bodies are at right now.

Should these crazy wedding diet plans (or trying to implement them) done this to you, you need to locate a good seamstress who can work with the dress material used and let it out so that you can fit into your wedding gown.  End result, no, you will not lose the weight using those wedding diets, however you will be gaining a marriage! Most brides would simply envy having a groom who was truly supportive of wanting you to just take care of yourself without pressuring you to look like a Barbie doll.

Finally, remember, do not go overboard using these wedding diet plans.  Should you have to accomplish an unrealistic goal, you really should just push the wedding date back so that you are able to achieve it without hurting your mind, body, and spirit. Should you insist on ignoring this well-given advice, make sure you have a lot of pampering done for yourself, this may combat the normal side effects of these wedding diet plans.