wedding dress fashionsSo you’ve set a date with the man of your dreams? The only thing, well one of the many things, you have to do to get ready is choose the perfect dress. If you want help with that, you’re reading the wrong article. This advice is to keep you from choosing the WRONG wedding dress. Below are practical ideas to keep you from making a very expensive mistake (no, I’m not talking about your fiance).

1. It’s gotta fit. This might seem obvious to you, but many brides swear they are a size six and cram their bodies into dresses much too small for them. This unflattering approach to wedding dress shopping can make for bad pictures, not to mention discomfort on your big day.

2. Style is a must. Not every woman has the desire to be current with wedding dress fashions, but there are some definite no-nos. Stay away from halters, giant puffy sleeves, and mermaid style skirts (tight around the hips and knees and flared at the ankles). Also avoid any dress that you saw in a wedding more than 5 years ago.

3. Consider the setting. Don’t choose a dress for a different wedding, even if it’s been your dream since you were a little girl. Long sleeved dresses should NOT be worn at an outdoor wedding in August. (I knew a bride once who did this and put a ziploc bag of ice down the back of her dress) Conversely, don’t choose a sleeveless dress for an outdoor reception in November. (Again, the bride who did this turned into the Wicked Witch of the West during pictures) Lastly, and this is a little known fact, don’t wear lots of tulle for an outdoor event. This one I learned personally. The fabric attracts bees like crazy. I had those flying pests in between all 12 layers of my tulle skirt.

4. Love it. Don’t buy a dress that you don’t absolutely love. You only get one chance to have your perfect day. Choosing the cheapest, or the most sensible, or even the one that your best friend likes the most will not cut it for your wedding. If you don’t love it, leave it.

Hopefully this advice will keep you from making a mistake when it comes to your wedding dress. This is one of the only elements of planning a wedding that is almost entirely in your control. You may order flowers that come in silk instead of fresh. Perhaps your invitations spell your parents names “Joan and Jill.” Maybe your caterer had a death in the family. Well, you won’t have all of these things happen. At least, probably not. But, at least you will have not picked a bad dress.