fantasy weddingWhat does the word fantasy conjure up in your imagination?
Fairies? Hobbits?
Magical Enchantresses and Wizards?

The truly wondrous thing about fantasy is that it can mean almost anything as long as it’s beautiful, outré, and out of the ordinary.
And I mean way out of the ordinary.

If you and your fiancé are fascinated by all things fantastic, have you ever considered applying that fascination to your wedding ceremony?
Think about the gorgeous possibilities presented by a wedding in the style of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with your lovely bride dressed as Titania, Queen of the Fairies, and the groom cloaked in the guise of Oberon, King of the Magical World.
Imagine your bridesmaids dressed as the denizens of Fairyland, your groomsmen in the guise of satyrs, wizards or other magical beings.
Why the wedding photos alone would be worth it just to stage a fantasy wedding.

But because the word fantasy opens up so many incredible worlds, you have to plan carefully with your fiancé to be sure you have a unified vision for your affair.
Decide ahead of time which fantasy universe you’ll be creating for your wedding.
Your choice of venue is very important in helping create the magical fantasy atmosphere that you’re trying to create.

I think it’s essential to stage the affair in some kind of large, grand, high-ceilinged place.
Even if it’s a very plain space, it’s important that it be large and uncluttered so that you can add the fantasy backdrops, furniture and settings that will add to the atmosphere.

If you can stage your fantasy wedding somewhere with theater-style lighting, a well-designed lighting plan can do more than almost any other element in creating a fantastic, colorful and beautiful atmosphere.
In fact, you might actually want to consider renting a little theater from a local theater group, or check with the high schools and colleges in your area.
Some of them are bound to have beautiful, impressively large theaters that would be perfect for staging your fantasy wedding, and would also have special effects equipment for making ground fog and other fantasy effects.

Of course for a fantasy wedding you also need fantastic foods, including a large, beautiful and impressive wedding cake made with sugar sculptures of fantasy creatures or decorated with fantastic scenes.

Fantasy should rule the rest of your menu as well, with brightly colored sweet appetizers, small finger foods like teriyaki hot wings, mini quiches, fresh grapes, mini éclairs, ambrosia salad, and other foods fit for demi-gods.

With the right mix of costumes, settings, staging, and food and drink, you can stage a fantasy wedding for the ages.