selecting wedding flowersToday, I’m focusing on pleasant thoughts, green pastures and flowers.

Let’s talk about flowers.
Did you know that I’ve explained the meaning to more than 300 flowers in my ebook.
Bet you didn’t know that there were that many out there.
I didn’t know until I did the research.

In any event, you can look at the meanings behind the flowers and your individual relationship to come up with the flower
that’s right for you. I’ve picked out ten of my most favorite flowers.
I’m going to show you can use flowers to create a special meaning and atmosphere for your wedding.


1) ACACIA (yellow) Secret love
2) ALTHEA Consumed by love
3) MISTLETOE – Kiss me
4) NASTURTIUM – Conquest, Victory in Battle
5) ORANGE BLOSSOM – Eternal Love
6) ROSES (Single Full Bloom) – I Love You
7) TULIP (GENERAL) – Perfect Lover
8) TULIP (RED) – Believe Me
9) TULIP (VARIEGATED) – Beautiful Eyes
10) TULIP (YELLOW) – There’s Sunshine in Your Smile

Okay, these are just a few of my favorite flowers from my list of more than 300. As you can imagine, narrowing down my favorites is hard. However, this is what you need to do as well. Looking at my list, I could have a combination of Tulips, Roses and Acacia’s mixed in with Baby’s Breath.

Flowers tell a story.
I chose the highlighted flowers because my husband (former fiancé) has the prettiest set of baby blue eyes.
We met on the job and kept our relationship a secret for more than six months.
He is the perfect lover for me, if you know what I mean.
I had to wrestle him away from an ex who didn’t want to ex-it his life.
Get the picture.
You can and should pick your flowers based on your love story.