wedding dayYou care about your wedding ceremony, right?
You also care about the world you live in, correct?
Since both are important for you, why not care for both of them on the most awaited day of your life – your wedding?

You can have a green wedding celebration to remember for the rest of your life.
You may even convince your guests to join your advocacy in the process.
Here is how you do it:

· Limit your invites to those whom you truly wish to be there to see your wedding. Consider that each and every person you invite would mean a bigger venue, more travel, more food, and much waste when the wedding ceremony is over.

· Locate your wedding ceremony to a venue that is convenient and accessible to most of your guests. You can hold your green wedding in a place that supports your advocacy of being environmental-friendly. You can choose a garden wedding, or you can come to the venue in a horse-driven carriage instead of the traditional bridal car.

· Your articles of clothing including the bridal gown and the groom’s suit should reflect your advocacy.

· You can source the food, drinks, and other things needed in the ceremony locally. Your invites can be made from recycled or handmade papers. In your invites, you can also provide your guests a list of ecology-friendly options such as where to stay, etc.

· For your green wedding reception, you can discuss with your caterer about serving organic or vegetarian foods. It may not be as succulent as the one with meat or more intensive effort, but it’s healthier. Also, try squeezing the most from minimal resources.

· Personalize your green wedding. Although it is encouraged to go less for more, you can add some personal touches to make the wedding more memorable. For instance, involve your guests in the wedding. Tradition dictates that all the preparation is accomplished by the wedding couple and their families. This time, you can engage your guests to participate. Ask them to bring some flower and combine them for a unique flower arrangement. In the reception, allot a corner where guests can post or scribble a note or two for you.

· You can also suggest the kind of gifts you want to receive from your guests. As more and more are joining the green campaign and advocacy, there are numerous retail stores that are offering green gifts as well as registry services. Check them out.

· Make the effort to reduce or minimize the ecological effects of your wedding. Although no matter how much effort you put in for this cause, there will still be impact, what is important is that you take responsibility and for every impact, you have to counterbalance with a green project. This is also a good start to encourage guests to go green and join your advocacy.

Don’t forget to tell your guests about the meaning of every effort that you do in your green wedding.
Increasing their level of awareness will surely make them ponder about how they will also be able to take care of the environment.
This is what will male your green wedding truly memorable.