People are becoming more conscious of their environment these days.
Even in the marriage, more couples are opting for an eco-friendly wedding celebration.

In the eco-friendly wedding celebration, people are able to show their love of nature and the environment.
Demonstrating their eco-friendly lifestyle, the wedding can also be a favorable time to increase the consciousness of the entourage and guests to the importance of taking good care of the ecology and of being eco-friendly.

Here is how you can let your guests see the love of nature in your eco-friendly wedding:

1. Start your eco-friendly wedding campaign in your invites. You can design your invites using a love of nature theme. The paper itself should be eco-friendly. You can specify how you would incorporate the love of nature into the wedding ceremony making it unique and meaningful. You can also indicate in the invites that you prefer to receive eco-friendly gifts or donations to charities and foundations that support campaign for protecting the environment.

2. Decorations for the wedding should be minimal and reflect how you are trying to conserve nature.

3. As a wedding party favor, you can distribute seeds to your guests for them to plant and contribute to the protection of the environment, or you can donate to any ecological charity or foundation in their name.

4. Your eco-friendly wedding reception can highlight natural and untreated foods. You don’t have to go absolute vegetarian; you can offer your guest farm-friendly produce.

5. You can coordinate with your clothing designer as far as you and your entourage’s clothing is concerned. Go organic; there are plenty of organic retail stores from which you can get your clothing stuff.

6. You can choose an organic garden for your venue. If you’re really deep into your advocacy, why not hold your wedding ceremony in the woods?

7. There are also many organic retail stores that offer bridal registry services. You can check online and find the one the best suits your preference. You can also decide to forego of the gifts and instead, ask the guest to donate to foundations or charities supporting ecological conservation and protection.

Add some special and unique touch to your wedding.
At the end of the ceremony, why not leas your guests to a tree-planting activity?
This way, you can also encourage them to become ecological friendly and engage in activities that will help protect and conserve nature.

In everything that you use in your wedding ceremony and reception, you have to make a conscious effort to protect and conserve nature and the environment.
There are several thousand ways to do this and to show your love for the ecology to your guests.
Who knows, you might be the catalyst for your guests in awakening their sleeping consciousness of Mother Earth.

Your eco friendly wedding can be the start of a concerted effort and a strong advocacy campaign to protect the world everybody lives in.
Get everyone involved, and save Mother Earth.
Go green, Go natural, be eco friendly.