You’ve already settled on a green wedding and you’ve made arrangements to have a green wedding menu or locally grown organic food, your flowers are organically grown, and you’re having a small wedding so that you can reduce the size of your carbon footprint.

old wedding gownWhat else can you do to make your wedding even greener?
Have you considered what you’re going to wear?
Well, as an advocate of green weddings, I’m a big fan of brides reusing their mother’s wedding gown.
If that’s not practical, have you considered wearing a dress that can be reused after the wedding for other formal occasions?
When my wife and I got married, my wife wore a wide-brimmed white hat with a veil and a simple white suit.
It wasn’t a wedding dress in the conventional sense, but she looked smashing, dignified, beautiful and classy.
And then afterwards, she had the suit to wear whenever she needed something formal to wear.

Another good way to simplify your wedding is by having the bridesmaids wear their own clothing instead of making them buy some hideous polyester monstrosity with poofy sleeves that they’ll never wear again.
Who says all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen must be attired identically?
I think it’s ecologically correct to have the groomsmen and groom rent tuxedos for the occasion, so why not look into renting dresses for the bridesmaids, too?
That would ensure that the clothing would be reused, and the bride and her bridesmaids could put their heads together to pick out dresses that look good on everyone.
I think it’s important to be tactful and considerate and not force anyone to wear anything that makes them look heavy or awkward.

These are all good ideas for making your wedding greener, but can you go even further?
Have you considered having your wedding gown made from renewable organically grown hemp or cotton?
You can get a wide range of different fabrics and garments made from hemp these days.
You can even get hemp underwear if you’d like to be green down to your dainty underthings.
Really, with a bit of thought and some good planning, you can put an end to wasteful practices like buying a wedding dress that you’ll only wear once.

Personally, I’m a big fan of buying clothing that you can later restyle and reuse for other purposes.
In these times of diminishing resources, the idea of a one-use garment just seems incredibly silly and extravagant.