If you and your intended are both into nudism, you may think that it’s perfectly natural (no pun intended) to want to have a nude wedding with all of your nudist friends in attendance.

nudist weddingThat’s great, but even as you plan your special day, you need to be conscious of the needs and feelings of friends and family members who might not feel that comfortable in a clothes-optional environment.
An easy solution is to have two ceremonies.
You can have a traditional clothes-on ceremony for your work friends, parents and older or more uptight relatives and friends, and then turn right around and have the wedding you really want at your favorite nudist club, a friend’s private property, that special nude beach you like to go to, or some other spectacularly beautiful spot blessed with an abundance of natural splendor.

I think the most important thing is for all concerned to be considerate of each other’s feelings and sensibilities so that there will be no hurtful misunderstandings.
The non-nudists need to be sensitive to the needs and different lifestyles of their nudist friends/family, while the nudists need to be sure that no one is forced to attend an occasion where they’ll be made to feel uncomfortable.
After all, it’s only simple good manners to ensure that one’s guests and loved ones are as comfortable as possible.
And besides, I’m sure all of us have relatives that we are positive we never want to see naked.

Another thing to consider when planning a nudist wedding: who will officiate over the ceremony?
There are websites where you can find nudist clergy, or you contact a Justice of the Peace.
Did you know that in some states like South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma, a Notary Public could perform marriages? That was new to me, too, folks, but it’s apparently true.

Consult some of the nudist websites for more info on wedding-related services, including finding nude wedding photographers.
Then for everything else, ask around to your friends and fellow nudists about where to get the best deals on flowers and catering services.
At least the bride won’t have to spend a bundle on her dress, or the groom have to put up with being fitted for a tux.
And none of the bridesmaids will complain about how ugly their dresses are.