A lot of couples these days pay for almost 30 percent of the total expense on their weddings.

To come up with your typical wedding with all the “necessary” items and services, you will need about $19,000 at the least!
Not a lot of couples have that kind of money and prefer having that special day at Las Vegas or at Turkey where they are said to hold around 166,000 weddings per year.

A wedding is an important event and also a decision that a couple makes to fully live together and be recognized by the society as husband and wife.
It is very significant for a couple’s life but it need not be expensive.

This is where the concept of an environment friendly wedding enters.
This concept not only stays but continues to give a lasting impression of compassion and mostly, practicality.
Who would not want to be practical these days?

Nowadays, the world produces a lot more than what we actually need.
More production, more waste; thus making our environment turn on the bad side.
In weddings alone, the average couple purchases items and avails for services that are actually unnecessary, only to make an elegant impression and feel for their guests.

Having an environment friendly wedding does not mean that your wedding will not have style and elegance.
It all sums up to the creativity, resourcefulness and love you and your partner can offer.
An environment friendly wedding is a sensible and compassionate way to unite one another in matrimony.
It does not need all the commercial additives you usually find in the market.
An environment friendly wedding is more personal and unique.

environment friendly wedding materialAs like any weddings, you as a couple will soon discuss who to invite and send out these invites soon.
Along with completing your cherished guest list, you form place cards and tags for giveaways.
Instead of spending around $300 on paper, printing and cutting, why not personalize your invites, place cards and tags by purchasing natural, organic papers that are easily purchased in craft and paper stores.
You and your partner can write the contents by hand or can have beautiful and rustic stamps to do the content of your invites.
If you think that cutting would be time consuming, there are among dozens of ready made blank cards made from organic materials.

Along with your early wedding preparation, you will soon find a place for your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception and also your honeymoon.
Most couples exchange “I dos” in a church, chapel or synagogue, while their reception are usually held at hotels or resorts; of course there are fees to be paid with the use of these locations.
Why not pay for one location to hold to important events that happen one after the other?
Doing this not only cuts the costs of rental fees but also gives time for your guest to enjoy without worrying of road construction and traffic.

You and your family can have a beautifully themed garden wedding and enjoy the foliage and natural beauty nature has to offer.
Having an environment friendly wedding does not mean that your menu will be fully vegetarian.
There are caterers in the market who serve certified organic menus.
They may cost a bit more but their flavors are great and can even impress some of your guests.
Organic dishes are packed with freshness and flavors that are sumptuous to both the palate and the eye.

Also inform your chosen caterer that you are having an environment friendly wedding so that they can adjust and avoid using “styro-foam” based products and can have recycled dishes, eclectic glasses that come in wonderful and vibrant colors.
Influence responsibility to your caterer and have them dispose and recycle the garbage right after your reception.

Excess food and flowers may be donated to a nearby senior citizens home or rather a local shelter for the homeless.

Your giveaways can be 100 percent environment friendly by using all organic materials or by recycling old jars, crafting them up a bit and placing organic or home-made cookies or jams.

Doing the organic way means having your gowns and suits in environment friendly materials.

By deciding to hold a practical and unique wedding event, you and your partner did more than just save cash, you pledged love with each other and showed your guest that love extends farther, even to the environment.