vegan wedding giftIf you have friends who are vegans who are getting married, but you are unaware of all the ramifications of living vegan, you may be a little bit stumped about what to buy them.
Fortunately for you, I have some excellent suggestions about appropriate gifts for a vegan couple.

To begin with, vegans not only don’t eat meat, eggs, or dairy products, they don’t use animal products of any kind, including things like cosmetics or shampoo that have been tested on animals.
They don’t wear leather, so don’t buy them matching leather luggage or anything made of suede.

Vegan wedding clothes

What vegans do like is anything that’s pure, natural, and organic, so hopefully, that will get you thinking in the right way about what to buy them.

I think a nice gift for a vegan couple’s honeymoon would be a gift basket that’s just crammed with health and beauty products from a vegan store or website.
You could pack it with a couple of nice high thread count towels woven from organic cotton, then add some foam bath with a pleasing scent, and add some vegan shampoo and conditioner, vegan soaps, hempseed body oil, some scented soy candles, and add a bottle of organic champagne like, say, Fleur d l’Europe Brut, which is an organic wine.
It’s made from grapes that are grown using no pesticides, and is produced in a biodynamic winery that is earth-friendly and self-sustaining.
Then you can top it all off with a CD of the couple’s favorite romantic music so they can have a special evening of pampering each other using a whole range of guilt-free products.
What could be nicer than that?

If that sounds too elaborate, then you might want to try something simpler and more practical.
If your vegan friends love gourmet cooking, why not get them a food processor?
It’s not terribly romantic, but it’s a great gift for any young couple that’s just starting out.
Kitchen wear is always a good idea.

If you’re operating on a somewhat limited budget, how about a bamboo steamer for steaming vegetables?
It’s inexpensive, and practical, because it helps your friends cook nutritious meals.
Since it’s made from bamboo, it’s also a very green gift because fast-growing bamboo is one our best renewable resources.

A rice cooker is also a nice gift since it makes cooking up a big pot of brown rice simplicity itself.
Just fill it with rice and water, turn on the timer, and voila — You have a lovely pot of rice that’s almost effortless to make.

Really, with a little bit of thought and ingenuity, it’s not that hard to find gifts that any vegan couple will treasure.