Have you ever considered getting married in nature’s cathedral?
I’m referring of course to having an outdoor wedding.
This is only one more option to consider when planning for your green wedding.

outdoor wedding ideasFor one thing, having your wedding and reception outdoors gives you a much bigger canvas to create on.
You could have your wedding in a local park or botanical garden that’s close to home.
Do it in daylight and you won’t have to use any electricity to light up a church or rented hall.
For your reception you could have a picnic instead of a more conventional sit-down meal.
It’s more casual, but it could also be a lot more fun.

If you stage your wedding in a botanical garden, whatever fees you pay for the rental of the garden will be going to a good cause, rather than being pocketed by whoever owns the hall you might rent instead.
Plus, a botanical garden offers a breathtaking setting in which to get married, and as an added plus, your wedding photos will be absolutely gorgeous when you and your new spouse are photographed surrounded by flowering plants and other magnificent examples of natural splendor.

Another plus to having a wedding outdoors is that it will be fun for any children who are attending the affair.
After the ceremony is over, they’ll be free to run around and play and you don’t have to worry too much about the kids knocking over something expensive or delicate.

If you have it in a park you have built-in entertainment facilities for all of your younger guests.
Just be sure that they have plenty of adult supervision if there’s a lake or a pond on the property.
Kids are our most precious resource and have to be carefully supervised to ensure their safety.

Having your wedding outdoors not only uses less resources, it makes it more obvious what you’re working to preserve.
After all, all the guests have to do to be reminded of how beautiful and precious our natural world is, is to look around themselves and take in the clear blue skies overhead, the fluffy white clouds, the birds singing in the trees all around you.

For an extra special outdoor wedding, consider staging it outdoors around sunset.
You’ll have a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony that won’t cost you a dime, but will leave you with wonderful memories of a very special day.