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A Professional Wedding Photographer isn’t Good Enough

When you think about wedding photos and photographers, it’s usually the formal pictures that come to mind:  The bride and groom at the altar, the bride and groom and their close families carefully posed so everyone is in the picture, or the formal portrait of the bride and her parents, likewise the groom, etc.  You can pay a professional wedding photographer to do these, and he or she will provide you with pictures that carefully match these models. While these wedding photos are great to have, they are not the only ones that produce “treasured memories” later on.  I’m...

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Decorating for the Wedding

Bright Budgeting for the Father of the Bride I know exactly how it feels. By the time I hit age 50, I had lost all 4 of my daughters to marriage. Each instance caught me off guard, causing me stress beyond reason. After twenty-something years of loving, raising, and caring for them, it has always been difficult to release my daughters to another man. Unfortunately, I have found that letting go is part of the parenting process, as they transition from children into adults. Their marriages, through I often try to say otherwise, are an inevitable occurrence in their...

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