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Wedding favors for everyone

What is a reception without wedding favors?
DIY wedding favors are a must for the bride on a budget and so easy to make at home!

The most common wedding favors in the past were circles of tulle filled with some kind of candy and tied together with a ribbon.
You can choose what color candies and fabric to customize it to your wedding and they don’t take long at all to make.
You can buy the candy from a bulk store and the fabrics are available at craft stores.
Some brides even make their own chocolates in the shape of hearts or your initials.

diy wedding favorsToday, modern brides are adding a little more personality and whimsy to the wedding favors.
Sometimes, they also add favors to the wedding ceremony itself.
Bottles of bubbles to blow as the bride and groom leave the church are one popular option.
Folded fans for hot days in the summer, especially if your church isn’t air conditioned is another great choice.

People want better, more ecologically friendly alternatives of the traditional throwing rice, which is believed to harm the local birds that would eat it after everyone was gone.
Aside from bubbles, buy a huge bag of bird seed and fill little cups with lids.
Leave them on a table near the entry way or ask your ushers to pass them around to your guests.
Add a sticker or a tag to them telling your guests what it’s for.

You can also choose other creative options.
Remember when I mentioned decorating your own picture frames?
What if you made one for each guest at the party?
Maybe you can find a store or website that sells them at a discount if you buy them in bulk.

How about chocolate bars with personalized labels?
You can buy large bags of mini candy bars and make your own labels using return address stickers and printing your names and wedding date on them!

Or what about a packet of wildflower seeds with a nice tag on it?
Write a little poem about planting the seeds and flowers growing with your love.

Instead of personal favors, what about a candy bar?
Fill some large bowls and wide vases with candy from a bulk store and place a bag at every table setting.
If you go to a candy warehouse, you’ll likely be able to choose candies and wrappers that match the wedding colors or just pick out all the favorites that you and your groom love so much!

diy traditional wedding favorsRemember, when it comes to wedding favors, you can go traditional or make your own rules.
It all depends on what you like best and what you’re comfortable spending on these little gifts.
Whether you choose from the ideas listed above or go your own route, keep in mind that these gifts will be cherished by your loved ones as a memory of the day you two said ‘I do.’

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next step of many that you’ll need to attend to for planning your Do it Yourself Wedding.