Ever wondered how it is to end up “happily ever after” these days?

Well, in today’s modern day settings and fast paced lifestyles, getting to be “happily ever after” is quite simple as long as you have the cash to fuel it through.
Weddings are one of the most expensive events a person or even a couple can give themselves.
In the U.S. alone, over $2.3 billion is spent for weddings every year and those weddings have about an average of $20,000 for basic expenses.

Truly, the wedding industry has proven itself to be one of the fastest growing industries even in third world countries!

With all the services wedding institutions and expos offer, nothing is more practical and more realistic than having an eco friendly wedding.

Weddings are usually characterized as a devoted and lasting unification, and that union need not slash the limits of your bank account!
Having an eco friendly wedding not only minimizes the total cost of your special day but also addresses pressing issues on the environment and promotes responsibility and conservation.

Various services offer so many items that only make a short impression but purchasing these items will make a lasting effect on your money.
Eco friendly weddings are more sensible in many ways.
As a couple, you will start to discuss the wedding date and where you would want the wedding to actually take place.
According to studies, 80 percent of the couples in the U.S. prefer to hold their wedding ceremonies in their local churches or synagogues.
With this, a couple is required to pay at least $200 for church fees.
They usually take about 30 to 45 minutes before they transfer to the hotel or resort of their choice, making them pay about $7,600 for function room rentals and food.

Instead of having to go over these figures, you can opt to have your wedding ceremony and your reception at one place.
If you and your family strictly remain on having the ceremony at the church, you can have your reception at the church’s garden or at an eco friendly park near the area.
In that way, you can lessen the time and effort consumed by traveling and also lessens the fuel consumption from private transports belonging to your guests.

Or to have your guest enjoy the city, contact your city’s tour guide and arrange for a quick tour on the way to the park or place you chose to have your reception at.

For the invites you will be giving out before the date, try to put a little personal touch and create or craft your own invites.
Several craft stores in the country offer a wide variety of organic and environmentally friendly fibers and parchments that are wonderful for invitation, tags and even place cards.
You can either have them hand written or stamped making you save up on printing costs.
Your invites will not only look special but will be unique as well.

For an effectively planned eco friendly wedding, there are dozens and dozens of sources where you can purchase organic items like organic flowers, small organic plants that are great for your guest to take home, organic jam, cookies for additional souvenirs and even organic cloth for your wedding dresses and suits.

Remember that an eco friendly wedding does more than just care for the environment; it makes you and your partner give a promise of lasting love and responsibility to each other and also the place where you plan to spend the rest of your life in, the Earth.

So have a wonderful, eco friendly wedding today and make a difference.