outdoor weddingStressed out in planning your wedding?
Or are you running out of ideas on what to do with your wedding preparations?
Worry no more as there is a multitude of exciting and unique wedding ideas you can find.

You don’t need to be a wedding planner or wedding expert to come up with a magnificent idea that would put your guests in awe.
But if you are still worrying that you do not have enough cash so your dream wedding can push through, again, stop all your worries as a perfect wedding does not need extravagant spending of money.
There are so many practical ways on how you can incorporate your dream wedding without breaking your bank account.

You may actually wonder what these wedding ideas would be.
Well, this wedding idea does not require thousands of dollars or too much wedding preparations.
Hold on to your seats, as you take a closer look at the newest fads in many weddings today.
This newest wedding idea is known as the eco-friendly wedding.
Yes, you may have a little inkling on what this is all about because of the root word eco friendly.

In this increasingly chaotic (both in terms of politics and environment) world, a modern bride must still be vigilant in answering the cries of society.
In your own little way, you can contribute in preserving our planet.
And this is truly memorable as you can do your share in saving the earth in the most memorable time of your life — your wedding.

When we say eco-friendly wedding, this actually refers to having a wedding that has lesser impact on the environment.
You can do this by using wedding materials that can do no harm to the surroundings.
Some of the most worthy materials to be used on eco friendly wedding are the recycled papers.
You can use this in your invitations.
Using recycled papers can help protect trees.
This only proves that your wedding can go a long way in protecting the world we live in.

When incorporating this kind of wedding, your attire can also make a huge contribution.
Make sure to pick a dress that is made of cotton, hemp and other organic materials so as to imbibe the green theme in your wedding.
These materials are not petroleum-based.
Meaning, they do not have nasty effects on the environment.
Another alternative for your dress is to use the vintage or used ones.
You can ask the assistance of a designer for a little update on the dress to make it extra glamorous.

When it comes to flowers, you can go for the flowers that utilize organic practices.
These flowers still look lovely.
But the only difference is that these can do great lengths in your cause in saving the environment and also in your wedding theme.

And lastly, for the menu, you can opt for the “green food.”
Yes, you guessed it right.
Your guests can have a taste of salad and fruits and stay away from meat.
This would not only do great in your theme but you can help your guests maintain a healthy lifestyle.