If you want to get married on top of a mountain, you’re choosing to be wed in Nature’s cathedral, beneath the most beautiful, vibrant, colorful canopy you could ever imagine.
As long as the weather is clear, there is almost no limit to how far you’ll be able to see from your mountaintop-wedding site.

Organizing a mountain wedding can be a daunting task, but there are ways to make this type of wedding a manageable proposition.
For one thing, you can arrange your mountaintop wedding on a mountain that has roads that can take you to the top.
It doesn’t have to be some kind of grueling ordeal for all concerned.
In fact, I think it’s essential for everyone involved in the wedding to be as comfortable as possible.
If you have your heart set on getting married on top of some spectacular peak, don’t forget about all of your elderly friends and relatives, or anyone in your circle of friends and family who are disabled.
Don’t make this an affair that they have to skip because they physically can’t get there.
Always, always, always think of the comfort and happiness of your friends and beloved family members.
If you want grandma to be there for your special day, then be sure that she can get there in comfort and safety.
After all, that’s really the considerate thing to do.

One great way to have your wedding on a mountaintop is to do it at a ski lodge during the off-season, such as in spring or fall.
Among the many advantages of staging a wedding at a ski lodge, you may be able to rent part of the lodge for a bargain rate.
For another thing, a ski lodge is bound to have well-maintained roads leading up to it, which will make it easy for all of your guests to attend.

Many of the country’s ski lodges also boast first-rate kitchens and can provide you with a sumptuous feast for your wedding banquet.
And, if the ski lift is running you, could ferry your guests to a lovely mountain peak using that.
Any children attending will love it, and it will provide an extra special element to your mountain wedding.

If you are going with getting married at a ski lodge, then check to see if there’s a chapel there for the ceremony.
If not, then getting married outdoors atop a majestic mountain peak seems to me to be one of the most romantic and beautiful settings one could ever have for an unusual wedding setting.