There are a few main events with regard to the wedding process and the rehearsal dinner is one of them.  The rehearsal dinner is usually held the night before the wedding and consists of your wedding party, close relatives and any other person whom may be near and dear to your heart.  In order to plan the best wedding rehearsal dinner possible, the following will provide you with a few tips to keep in mind.

Decide Who Will Pay for the Rehearsal Dinner

rehearsal dinner ideasBefore planning the rehearsal dinner, you have to figure out who will be paying for the dinner.  This is an important factor to iron out prior to the planning stage as you want the person who is paying for this special event to not only be involved from start to finish but knowing what their budget is will help you with the wedding planning.  Traditionally, it was the groom’s parents who paid for the rehearsal dinner however today anything goes.

The Location of the Dinner

You should also seriously consider where to have the rehearsal dinner.  It is a good idea to have it somewhere close to the church or wedding ceremony location as you most likely will be heading over there after the wedding ceremony rehearsal.  Also, you want to be sure that the restaurant or other similar place has the room to accommodate your guests comfortably.  Lastly, it is also a wise idea to choose a place where the cuisine will be appreciated by all and is not too much of a specialty cuisine which some may not like.

When the Rehearsal Dinner is Held

It is also a wise plan to have the rehearsal dinner on the same day as the rehearsal itself.  In most cases this is the day before the wedding as some individuals are coming from out of town and do not want to make two separate trips to the area in order to attend both the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and the wedding ceremony reception.  Also, it is usually best to have the dinner after the rehearsal is held so that everyone can relax and not have to rush through the dinner in order to make it to the rehearsal.

Great Time to Hand Out Special Gifts

Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect time to hand out bridal party gifts and family gifts, the rehearsal dinner is the perfect time to do so.  This is an especially good idea for wedding party gifts which consist of items that the bridesmaids and groomsmen will use during the wedding ceremony the next day.