wedding presentUsually one or two days before the wedding, you hold your wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.
Traditionally, this is paid for by the family of the groom, and it is at this time when you should pass out  to your wedding attendants the gifts you purchased as being a thank you for actually being in your wedding.

Bridesmaids Gifts

As a general rule, jewelry makes a great gift for the ladies. Should they have pierced ears, you could always give them earrings. And if their ears aren’t pierced, you could give them necklaces.

It’s usually a nice idea to give them a gift that they can wear on your wedding day to go along with their dresses.

Groomsmen and ushers

For the men, it may be a little harder to choose an appropriate gift. If you can’t select just one item that would be appropriate for all of the guys, it’s perfectly acceptable to get similar but different gifts.

Men are generally into beer steins, shot glasses, or other comparable items.  Any of these gift ideas can be used, or perhaps something else that will reflect them as an individual.

Just remember that when you are picking out these gifts, these people are your close family and friends, and you do want them to realize that you truly appreciate everything that they are doing for you.

The wedding rehearsal dinner should be an enjoyable time when the wedding party all gets together and has a pleasant time before the actual wedding occurs.

Make sure you enjoy this day and have a splendid time with all of your guests and the wedding party. You should be celebrating the fact that you will be getting married shortly, plus you and your new spouse will be starting your new life together with each other.