memorable wedding nightWe’ve heard brides having this question, ‘my soon to be husband is a virgin and I’m not. I feel kind of guilty that he has saved himself for the wedding night. How do I go about making our wedding night truly special when I have already had sex previously with other men?’

The wedding night sex is on a different level in todays society.  In times past, couples were supposed to wait until marriage to have sex, but nowadays it is more of a rarity among men and women.  Statistics show that if you both are a religious couple, the chances are higher that you have saved yourself for a special night of wedding sex.

However, your wedding night is more than just regular sex. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you have been romantically involved with someone else in the past or not.  Your wedding night sex will be the first moment that the two of you will share yourselves with one another as husband and wife.
Regardless if you have already had sex with each other, the wedding night sex should be special, romantic, and memorable since you have just bonded your hearts together in a celebration of your commitment to each other forever.

For virgin brides, you might have a lot of anxiety about the wedding night.  Rest easy, this is perfectly normal and your husband will probably understand if you tell him about your fears.  You just need to make sure that it’s an intimate moment for both of you.  If necessary, read some books on the subject of dealing with intimacy, not just the act of sex itself.

Have fun, relax, and make sure that you both take your time and don’t rush your intimate moments on your wedding night.  Try wearing something really special for this special night,  get some lingerie fit for a beautiful bride.  Linger on in the first moments as being a new wife and husband.  Most of all, be sure to enjoy yourself, you are only going to have one wedding night with your husband!

Believe it or not, a lot of newlyweds find out that wedding sex is totally out of the question after spending a few  days that were filled with high stress, long hours, partying, and getting everything done that needed to be done for your wedding to go off without any hitches.  This is perfectly acceptable too.  Nowhere does it say that you absolutely must have sex on your wedding night.  Both of you want it to be truly special, so rest easy and save the moment for when both of you are full of energy and relaxed if you have to.

You could even have a ceremony before your ‘wedding night‘ occurs, especially if you happen to be worried that you are not a virgin bride.  Try writing vows that just your new husband hears, like devoting your body to him and only him, and his to you. Just about anything romantic should do the job just fine.