Go out on the Internet at any time and you’ll find a whole host of ideas for unusual weddings, everything from a Renaissance theme wedding to getting married underwater in a hotel 30 feet below the surface.

hot air balloon weddingBut if you really want your wedding to take flight in a truly unique and unusual setting, consider getting married in a hot-air balloon.
If you’re a couple who always seeks adventure and new experiences, then I have to say it would be hard to top getting married in a hot-air balloon as it sails serenely over the landscape anywhere from 500 to 2000 feet above the ground. Imagine getting married at sunset while floating above the spectacular colors of a fall forest in New England, or at dawn over the endless vistas of the Southwestern United States.

Of course there are some drawbacks to getting married in a hot-air balloon.
For one thing, you’re severely limited in the size of your wedding party, which might cause some hurt feelings among your friends and family.
Because the lifting capacity of a hot-air balloon has its limits you would only be able to host a wedding party of eight people, including the bride and groom.
Of course, you could always hold the ceremony on the ground, where you’re not limited by how many people are in the wedding party or the audience, and then take your balloon ride.

I think that the only limits to this type of wedding would come from your budget and the limits of your imagination. So really, when it comes to where you want to hold your wedding, the sky is literally the limit (no pun intended).

With just one query on Google, I found more than 130,000 listings for hot-air balloon weddings.
At one hot-air balloon wedding site I found a dozen companies all over the U.S. that offered hot-air balloon wedding packages that are held everywhere from the wine country of Northern California, North Carolina, Austin, Texas, Colorado, Las Vegas of course, but also China, New Mexico, Canada, Washington D.C., even Australia.
It seems like you can have a hot-air balloon wedding just about anywhere on the planet!

I even found one company, Rohr Balloons by name, that advertises the fact that the company’s founder is not just a hot air balloon pilot; he is also an ordained minister who is licensed to marry people in flight!
Talk about your full service hot-air balloon wedding packages, I’d say that Rohr Balloons has it all, but then my research into this topic barely scratched the surface.

Go out and explore for yourself.
You’ll be astonished at just how many options you have for staging a hot-air balloon wedding.