A vegetarian wedding ceremony is similar to the traditional ceremony in many ways.
If there is an obvious difference, this can be seen in the wedding reception.

A vegetarian wedding reception is comprised of foods that belong to the veggies and fruits group.
Vegetarians stay away from meat and anything that is made from the animals.
Being a vegetarian is a way of life and a belief.

To prepare for a vegetarian wedding, these are the following considerations:

All in the family should be able to understand that the wedding is going to be a vegetarian, at least every member in the family should accept that it’s going to be a vegetarian reception;

The couple should also inform their guests beforehand of their beliefs as vegetarian and that vegetarian food will be served in the reception;

The foods that will be served should be familiar to the guests and should be at least visually appealing to them;

If you are hiring a caterer to take care of the food, look for someone who is well-versed with vegetarian reception.
The caterer should be able to find meat alternatives and should be able to identify ‘hidden meat’ such as in chicken broth.

The caterer should also be able to prepare foods that are versatile and delicious sans the meat.
You should also be able to work comfortably with the caterer and should have experience the kind of food the caterer does beforehand.
Check for a caterer who is familiar with kosher receptions, one that totally avoids meat in the preparation of food.

There are also alternatives to hiring a caterer.
You can opt to book the wedding reception at a vegetarian restaurant that you as a couple have frequently dined in.
You can also choose to do the reception yourself assisted by your respective family members.
Each of the options has their pros and cons, so you have to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

vegatarian wedding cakeFor the main attraction of the reception, the wedding cake, you will have to extract your creative juices to come up with a cake that is truly vegetarian, yet delicious to the taste of your guests.
Unfortunately, there are only a handful of bakers who can go veggies when it comes to cakes.
You will have to devote some time specifically to locate a baker who can do your delicious vegetarian wedding cake.

For better or for worse, you have to make sure that the wedding reception is something that you and your guest will not forget.
Never mind if it’s meatless.
Don’t mind the popular belief that vegetarian foods can never be tasty.
You may stick to your belief, and go veggie all the way.

With the right preparation and help from your family, you can delight your guests and perhaps even persuade some to go vegetarian after they have savored that veggie foods can be as delicious as any ordinary meat food.
Let your guest take pleasure in your being vegetarian.

Happy wedding!