environment friendly weddingWith all the destruction and damage done to our environment, Mother Earth calls for your help.
What better way to help her than to start with your own environment friendly wedding day when you are also about to start your own family just like Mother Earth?

Let’s begin with the invites.
The invitation should be made from recycled paper or handmade paper.
And since we are into the modern times, try and check out invites that are sent through the email.

Next, we have the flowers for the bride, her entourage, and the decoration.
You may want to use those that are home grown or freshly picked from the gardens.
Avoid those flowers that are sprayed with insecticides.

For venue, choose outdoors.
You can have a garden wedding, or wedding in a local park, or a beach wedding.
Your environment-friendly wedding should be able to showcase the beauty of nature and why it is important to preserve it.

Moving to the wedding dress and clothing, there are many organic materials that you can choose from.
The bridal gown should be made from natural fibers like silk, stain, hemp, organic cotton.
Or you can go retro and recycle your mom’s or granny’s wedding gown while the groom can wear a vintage suit.

The symbol of love, the ring, should also conform to one’s being environment friendly.
Instead of going for the diamond which is mined and endangers lives as well as the earth, try buying your rings from an ethical jeweler who specializes in environment friendly wedding.
Ethical jewelers make sure that the gems they sell are produced responsibly.

Let’s go to one of the most awaited and important part of the wedding festivities, the reception.
You may want to avail of the services of caterer who concentrates on environment friendly wedding.
You may opt to go total vegan, or semi-vegetarian.
Whatever your choice is, you have to make sure that the food your serve shows your advocacy towards saving Mother Earth.

The wedding cake should also be all natural.
Use natural sweeteners and organic ingredients.
Although quite rare, you may want to find a baker that specializes on vegan or vegetarian wedding cakes.

Of course, you cannot let your guests go without giving favors.
For your wedding party favors, you can visit organic retail stores that sell or offer novelty eco-friendly items such as handmade soaps, potpourri from dried flowers and leaves, organic scented candles, and the likes.

You may also want to convince your guests to donate whatever amount they feel comfortable with to causes that will help save Mother Earth.

As a culmination of the wedding festivities, you can also conduct some environment-friendly activities to increase the consciousness of your wedding party and guests to the good cause that you are advocating.

When the wedding is over, you can gather what is left-over such as flowers and recycle them to a hospital or nursing home.

To save on paper, you can send your wedding photos to your family and friends online.

See how easy you can help save Mother Earth through your environment friendly wedding?