In your quest to have the ultimate green wedding, have you considered what you’re doing about your flower arrangements?

organic flower arrangementDepending on where your flowers came from they can have a big impact on the carbon footprint your wedding will generate.
For instance, if you’re really trying to go green with this wedding, then flying in flowers from another country is a big no-no.
You should also try to avoid using flowers that are trucked in from somewhere else, whether it’s south of the border or just a neighboring state.

The very best way to have green flower arrangements is to:
A. Grow your own; or:
B. Buy only locally grown, organically–raised flowers.
They’ll be fresher, plus when you buy from a local greenhouse or florist, you’re helping to support the local economy, which is always a good idea.

Do you want some other ways for having the greenest flower arrangements possible?
Read on, because I may some suggestions for you here that never occurred to you.

I mentioned above that you should only purchase organically grown flowers.
That’s because you don’t want to expose your guests to pesticide or herbicide residues.
It’s better for all concerned to go organic.
And if you’re buying from local growers, you can showcase the flowers and plants from the area you live, to help make your wedding and reception extra-special!

If you absolutely must order flowers that come from another country, be sure that they are fair trade flowers.
Fair trade flowers are those grown only by vendors who pay their workers a fair wage and give them decent working conditions.
If you don’t know how to do this, then go online or ask a local florist about this.
If you’re like me, then the last thing on Earth you want to think about on your wedding day is that the poor farm workers who raised the flowers in your bouquet are exploited by their employer.
It is far better to purchase fair trade flowers that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Finally, don’t be wasteful.
After your wedding, arrange to have all of the flower arrangements moved to wherever the reception is being held so that they can do double duty.
And then, when the wedding and reception are all over, recycle the flower arrangements yet again by having them dropped off at a hospital or retirement community.

Don’t waste anything!