An Elegant wedding must mean an expensive wedding?  Does a Cheap wedding mean a simple wedding?

wedding cake styleSince the beginning of time we have all been intrigued by weddings. As soon as someone mentions they are engaged we instantly start having ideas of how they should celebrate the momentous occasion. We start reminiscing of how our own weddings were or other people’s weddings we have previously attended, trying to give them some wedding ideas.

Every time we turn on the television we are introduced to new wedding shows. Some with extravagant weddings of close to half a million dollars while others choose to get married in camouflage in their deer stand. We even have shows about happy brides versus mean brides.

We all have stories of the infamous fights between the mothers on how the wedding should be handled. There have even been times when the in-laws marriages have been challenged due to bickering parents.

None of us can deny how weddings have evolved over the years. In olden days everyone was taught you must be married in a church for the marriage to be happy and sanctioned by God. Now we have people getting married in malls, hot air balloons, on top of mountains and the list goes on and on. The same goes for the wedding attire. Tradition has always told us the bride is to wear all white. Now wedding dresses come in every color from white to red to black. Also the wedding vows have evolved. It use to be the same vows were read at every wedding. Now we have more and more people writing their own vows to each other. It’s amazing how we may all drive similar cars, live in compatible houses, work in comparable jobs but have such different weddings ideas.

We also must not forget that most women feel weddings are “their” day. How many times do we see men sitting around talking about the flowers they are having or the colors they are choosing. Most guys just want to know what to wear and what time to be there.  Sometimes dads even cringe when the doctor tells them they have a new baby girl because they instantly think of paying for a wedding in the near future. In today’s society we even have the bride and groom paying for their own weddings on occasion.

For some it is how big and expensive can I get it. For others it may be a trip to the justice of the peace. The choice is yours, and since it is your wedding, be happy with whatever you choose .  Either way in the end, whether you choose to have an expensive wedding or a cheap wedding, and based on selective touches they may be simple or elegant (or both),  when we sign on the dotted line the point is we are all just as married as everyone else.