Destination weddings are very popular.
In fact, in some ways, etiquette rules have not yet caught up to the destination theme at all!
Yet, when it comes to this type of wedding style, you really do have a lot to think about before you go off to get married.

Destination weddings are weddings in which you will travel to a location other than any place near to you, to be married. These weddings are common in resorts and other fabulous places.
Yet, although they are so popular, that does not mean that they are the best choice for everyone, especially those with a large family that is expecting a large celebration of the wedding.

While the ultimate decision about a destination wedding is all up to you, it is common practice to insure that the wedding satisfies everyone’s needs.

Destination wedding

Here are some basic tips that we will expand on later.

Tip One:

Do not expect the world to follow you to your destination wedding.
Not many of your guests will be able to afford it, find travel arrangements or get off of work to go.
So, expect for some not to be able to come with you for your wedding.

Tip Two:

Send out invitations and ‘hold the date’ cards to your guest well in advance.
Several months should be given if you except them to come so that they can get the proper travel arrangements made including the necessary legal documents if it is out of the country.

Tip Three:

Do something for those that can not make it to your wedding but are close enough to you that want to celebrate your wedding with you at home.
For example, you can have your wedding ceremony in Hawaii, but have a reception back at home too for those that could not make it.

Etiquette For The Wedding

There are several things that come into play when it comes to a destination wedding ceremony.
The first is the cost.
Unlike a traditional wedding ceremony, it is not going to fly for the parents to pay for this type of wedding celebration, especially when most are counting on that big wedding to celebrate your marriage.

So, if you plan to have a destination wedding, plan to sit down and talk to those that will be paying for it.
There are many additional costs folded into the wedding itself here.

One benefit to the wedding destination is that most will take care of all of the planning for your wedding for you.
They can help you to make arrangements for the ceremony, lodging, foods, and even for legal requirements.
This does lessen the amount of planning that you will be required to do, but it may also limit you to what you can do yourself.
Depending on the level of comfort you have in giving someone else the ability to handle your wedding, should be a consideration here.