Brides do not always have engagements that are sprung on by the groom unexpectedly.  It’s very commonplace nowadays that many brides prefer to specifically state what type of engagement ring & wedding ring they would like the groom to buy for them.

Even worse is that some brides to be are very materialistic.  Many women flat out tell their men that the one and only stipulation they want in a wedding ring is that it is bigger than {her best friends, her sisters, etc.,} ring.

Many women do not even care about the diamonds quality.  The most important thing is how big it is, since they are hoping to dazzle and shock everyone with this blindingly bright and huge wedding ring. Thankfully, not all women care about how large it is and how expensive it may be.  To some brides to be, they value the sentimental aspect of it.

I heard a story where a certain lady was disappointed that the groom to be was going to propose to her, but hadn’t yet purchased the wedding ring.  Here he was, figuring she would want to choose it by herself.  Plus he was trying to save up the money required to be able to do it just right.  Surprisingly, she explained to him that she would simply be grateful enough with a Cheerio wrapped around her ring finger.

At the high extreme of things, some brides to be demand that the wedding ring be more expensive than the cost of a car plus it must also be larger than 2 carats.  Then they tell the man, if it is not, do not even bother wasting the time to propose to me.

So, exactly what kind of woman are you?

Let us clarify certain things. Nobody is stating that you should be happy with food particles on your finger.  However, there is certainly more to your wedding ring choices than size alone.  Many women opt for other precious jems or stones instead of a traditional diamond wedding ring. If your heart is set on a diamond ring though, check the true quality of it to make sure it is as flawless as possible, regardless of it’s size.  A smaller, yet flawless diamond, is worth far more than a larger one with numerous imperfections or color blemishes.

Several options should be test fitted and worn before a final selection is made. Ask the salesman about possibilities that you may be allergic to the composition of what the wedding ring is created out of.  It would be a real shame to have to wear your $20,000 wedding ring made of platinum only to find out that it has a tad bit of nickel or some other minor element in it, that ends up giving you a rash or some other allergic reaction!

When buying a wedding ring, you shouldn’t think of it as an ‘I want a bigger ring than hers’ situation.  Without a doubt, there’s always someone who will end up having a larger more brilliant diamond than the one you wear.  As a sound financial & sentimental investment, your wedding ring should be an investment that you are making for your future.

Should the wedding ring be passed down from generation to generation, you want your children and their children to know that you and your husband had spent your hard earned money very wisely.