the new bridal coupleWhen deciding what to give a couple as a wedding gift, sometimes the best gift that you can give them is one which reminds them of that special day for many years to come.
One such gift which can accomplish this is a wedding time capsule.
Quite simply a time capsule is any container in which is placed memorabilia of a particular event or a certain time period. The time capsule can be made relating to any event that you would like.
A wedding is a perfect example of when a time capsule makes perfect sense.

A time capsule is like a three-dimensional photo album of sorts.
Not only will it contained photographs but it will also contain other types of memorabilia from the wedding.
Some of the things which you can include in a time capsule that you intend to use as a wedding gift are wedding invitations, napkins, party favors from the reception, pictures of the happy occasion and even a copy of the couple’s wedding vows would make a good addition to the time capsule.

Wedding time capsules are a great gift which can be given by bridesmaids or groomsmen or even the happy couple can make a time capsule of their wedding and give it as a wedding gift to each other.
When it comes to giving time capsules as a wedding give it there are many options as to do can give it as a gift.
If the bridal party wishes to make a time capsule as a wedding gift they make each put a special little note to the happy couple into the time capsule.

The object used to make the time capsule is important.
It should be something which fits in with the wedding theme and of course be very attractive.
A time capsule can be made from anything which can hold all the objects you wish to save for the bridal couple.
The time capsule should also have the ability to be closed tightly so that it is airtight.
This will protect all the precious memorabilia that is stashed in the time capsule.
If you are a crafty person you can construct a beautiful and personalized time capsule from a small chest which has a lock. A handmade time capsule which is personalized exclusively to the happy couple is always a well appreciated wedding gift.

If you would rather have a pre-made time capsule you will find that they are available for purchase online.
These wedding gift time capsules come in a variety of different themes and color schemes.
This option is ideal for those who would like to have a wedding gift time capsule but would prefer not to make one themselves.