A wedding, for all of us, is a very sacred and special occasion that would happen; let’s say once a year or every other year.
In this kind of occasion all of the families involved were very busy about the location of the wedding, reception, invitations, foods, desserts, cakes, drinks, gowns and dresses and the likes.
It is very important to make this day special and with that, we know that we want the most memorable day of our lives.

There are a lot of different types of weddings; each one varies from the brides and grooms’ traditions, culture, values and way of life.
Even the social status of a person can be seen on the wedding and this is only a proof that wedding day was a very important and special among everyone because it denotes different beliefs.

One of the greatest and most exceptional types of wedding that can be done by couples would be an environment friendly wedding.
This type of wedding, as the term obviously imply, it is to promote a wedding that would bring no harm to the nature.

To further explain this phrase, one example is the recipe for meals that would be served on the wedding day.
Mostly, wedding meals (for those who are not vegetarians), would include meat dishes, fish, chicken, or poultry.
Those foods were extracted from animals and of course if it would be from animals that would mean that it includes slaughtering, and inflicting harm to these creatures.
It would be against animal welfare and their right to live; this is ethically speaking.
This is also the first reason why vegetarians hate to eat meat, fishes and poultry – because it would be from harming animals.

silk wedding gown

If you are a vegan and were about to plan an environment friendly wedding, you should have to plan first about the concept, ideas and things that would make up your wedding day.
First of all, try to consider the people who were about to help you on your wedding stuffs; from the designer of your gown up to the people from catering, you have to be more specific in finding someone who have the knowledge about vegetarians.
Try to search for people who are knowledgeable about being a vegan so that it would be easy for you to coordinate and organize the whole wedding concept.
From your gowns, you have to be specific on the designer that will make the material, try to check the resources that would be used in creating your wedding gown as well as the gowns that will be used by all the participants.
It is a great idea to have a fine silk and make sure that the silk worms were not alive when used in making the gowns.

When it comes to the wedding cake, try to visit some bakeshops and try to see who will be the one who’s already making vegan cakes so that it will be easier for you to coordinate and tell them what you really want for your vegan wedding cake.

On the other hand, those meals that should be served on the reception must be great since you also have to consider that you will be busy on that time and you can’t accommodate everyone, be sure that you’ll let them feel accommodated with the great taste of your vegetarian menu.