honeymoon localeChoosing a honeymoon destination can be difficult if the bride and groom want to go to different places. For instance, the bride is into water activities like snorkeling and jet ski’s.  The groom likes to go camping.

Let’s face it, modern brides aren’t very shy about making it all about her on the wedding day. As a new couple however, when choosing the honeymoon destination, does the man have any say so, or is it the wife’s decision on whether you go swimming in one of the many big blue oceans or take the journey all the way to the top of Mount Everest?

The honeymoon is usually the only vacation many newlyweds take together, since once children are in the picture, or both people start working full time, it’s very hard for some couples to make time for a romantic getaway.  Finding a unique and special destination for the honeymoon can also be difficult if you both already have jobs that require traveling.

Some couples realize that they’re exact opposites when it comes to where they want to go on their honeymoon vacation.  The groom may want to go hiking with lots of sports activities while the bride just wants to lay out and relax and soak up the suns rays, or perhaps it’s vice versa!

Believe it or not though, there are ways to make sure that both the bride and groom each get what they want out of the honeymoon.  In preparedness for future sharing, you each have to be willing to compromise a bit for one another.  As a example, if you go on one of the many available honeymoon cruises, you will usually be docking at various ports in numerous places.
While you are docked, both bride and groom can participate in the activities offered at each of these stops, such as hiking tours or extreme sports.  Then while the cruise ship is at sea, the couple can agree to lay around and relax by the pool plus enjoy the fine dining that makes the honeymoon romantic.

Even if you choose to take your honeymoon in the snow covered mountains of Alaska, it is perfectly acceptable for one of you to participate in the local activities offered while the other person just relaxes nearby.  Or, you could always just take turns doing what each of you wants.  You never know when you might just learn to like doing that activity that your spouse is so engaged in!

Marriage is all about compromise between the couples.  The world is way too big and time is too short for the couples to be disagreeing about where to go for the honeymoon destination.  The earth is full of many exotic and affordable places to go, and you are bound to find at least one of two spots that offer something both of you want to experience.

Should you not be able to figure it out between the two of you, try locating a friendly travel agent who will listen to what each of you wants to do.  They will most likely be able to create the perfect honeymoon destination package that offers excitement and fulfillment for both of you.