wedding party ideasWeddings are delightful but undoubtedly a time of stress. For brides, weddings are often fulfilments of dreams of the younger years and at the same time a bit nightmarish. Besides realizing the impact of saying “I do” and committing to a lifetime with your special someone, you are bound by stress because you need to plan the guest list, the after wedding party, the caterers, the food menu and more. Of course a considerable amount of time is spent on your clothes, finding the right wedding gown or wedding suit and then your bridesmaids and best men’s attires. Planning weddings can be enormously tiring and energy sapping.

Often you have the dress and the guest list but are stuck with ideas for the wedding party. How do you entertain your guests? This is a question that haunts most couples planning their weddings. For the ones who are void of innovation or creative ideas, a wedding planner is the answer. The wedding planners will take care of everything for you, right from decoration, to venue; to the food, etc. You need not do much other than hire them. You can be rest assured that your party will be fabulous. But what if you want to do it on your own, after all it is your wedding. You want your guests to go back home and never forget this very eventful day in your life.

Here is a neat idea for a bridal party 🙂
Weddings are special; you want your friends to remember it. The best way to have them remember it is, by keeping it different. Select a theme and work around it. Try doing something antiquated. Maybe a Romeo and Juliet theme, it is old but certainly a theme well acquainted with even the youth of today. How do you go about this theme? To begin with, send out invitations in a form of a scroll. Make it look archaic. You now have the privilege of wearing an antique looking gown. For your party, have the decorations made to look antique, have candles set out all around. Have your guests make medieval costumes. Instead of a band, have someone play the harp. And have the old numbers playing your dance tunes. This is bound to be a different party for your guests and one they will remember for ages to come.

When it comes to ideas for a wedding or your wedding party, dig in deep my friends. Most of us are made up of creative bones. Think whacky and don’t shun an idea until you have thought deeply about it!