Today, there is already an industry that epitomizes the ideals of weddings.
Walk around your city, flip through those yellow pages or if your feeling quite mesmerized from how the proposal went and you wouldn’t want to leave the comforts of your home, you can search for on over thousands of websites that would cater to your ideal wedding event.

Wedding coordinators and event organizers are already popular professions these days.
An average of around 2.4 million men and women exchange “I dos” in the U.S. alone, thus making the wedding industry accumulate big, probably millions in revenues.

With this in mind, the industry opens up its doors to more choices, and when we get more choices, the more confusing this may be for that simple, but loving union between man and woman.
In this world of unending choices, why not get straight to the right choices for that special day.
Choose Green.

green weddding ideas

More and more people are already aware of the effects of Global Warming and people actually feel it in their everyday lives.
Campaigns on saving the world and the environment are continually being put out and echoed to people.
Since a couple is more likely to spend for their wedding, (other than their car and their home) why not spend your wedding and help the environment at the same time.
There is already a growing and thriving sector of green weddings, why not make yours one of these.
It limits all the unnecessary hassle of too many choices and makes us responsible too.

Starting a green wedding is not all that complicated.
Everybody wants to book their special day on a romantic or serene location.
Other families prefer to have their ceremonies at their local parish and have their receptions at some fancy hotel or resort.
To avoid all added cost on fuel and rented cars that go by the hour, why not have your wedding on locations that are eco friendly like your local park, a small museum with a garden or even that old church near your place that has this beautiful and private garden and fountain.
In that way, your guests would have more time enjoying the event than worry about traffic and getting lost.

For your catering services, why not support the local caterers in your area.
Think that your wedding guests have already gone to so many parties and gatherings that usually serve the typical party food, why not treat them to something worthwhile and healthy, why not go organic.
There are hundreds of caterers these days that look into the content of their dishes.
Some caterers offer menus for vegetarian weddings, particularly having menus for vegan weddings.
Other caterers have products that are home grown and organic but not necessarily only vegetables.

For your wedding dress and suits, there are already designers in the market that do use organic cloth like hemp or silk blends.
There are also those irresistible vintage dresses that are sold in thrift shops that cost less and really look ravishing.

For your cherished wedding ring, why not have old heirlooms or old rings resized, in that way, you can bring along with you blessings from your family.
Instead of aiming for diamonds or gold, ask your local jeweler if there is organic gold available so in that simple way, your wedding did a part in reducing emissions found in mines all over the world.

Flowers will always be a part of your wedding as it adds nature and color to our day.
Avoid the hassles of delivery and booking by having your own flowers grown in your backyard.
Make it an endearing project for you and your partner and place them in small and attractive clay pots that have tags bearing the captions, “Grown with Love by : (you and your partners name)”
This way, you could secure attractive centerpieces for your tables and at the same time souvenirs that express a loving union.
You and your partner already have helped cut cost on travel for flower delivery and the use of harmful pesticides that affect the people that harvest them.

Last but not the least, your honeymoon where you spend days or weeks together.
Instead of those fancy resorts or destinations that cost a fortune, why not contact a local tour agent and have your agents arrange an eco tour in a particular place or country.
In that way, you can greatly contribute to that place’s community.

Getting married is not all about the glitter and glamour of the moment.
It has its enchanting times but what really matters is the promise of love that one gives to each other and the responsibility to let it last.

So when you and your partner plan to be a responsible and loving couple, start by putting that in the beginning of your cherished union, have a romantic green wedding!