You’re a confirmed urbanite and you want an unusual wedding, but you really don’t want to get married in a rainforest, or by jumping out of a plane (as in a skydiving wedding), or having a wedding on top of a mountain.

Well, don’t worry; you still have plenty of options for an unusual wedding.
Why not get married somewhere really special, a place that’s a world-famous landmark in the world’s most exciting city.

I’m speaking of course of the top of the Empire State Building.
If that’s appealing to you, then you’d better get started on your planning.
Although more than 200 couples from places like Germany, the U.K., Texas, Florida and Massachusetts have gotten married atop the famous structure since 1994, the Empire State Building no longer allows couples to be married there in private weddings.

However, next year, 14 lucky couples will have the chance to get married for the first time, or renew their vows at the Empire State Building thanks to a contest being held by the ESB and Condé Nast’s Bridal

new york wedding

Here’s how it will work: interested couples should write up the story of why they want to get married on top of the Empire State Building.
The 14 couples who offer the most compelling, original or touching reasons for wanting to get married there, or have some strong connection with the building will be chosen to participate in the special wedding ceremony atop the ESB.

The editors for will assist the lucky winners with staging the wedding, and will offer their considerable expertise in the areas of beauty, fashion, and styling the wedding chapel where this blessed event will occur.
You can be sure that with the help of the editors, every couple will be looking their best for this special day of days.

If you want to enter this contest, then the first thing you need to do is visit the Official Empire State Building website or the website to look over the contest rules and requirements.
The deadline for submitting entries is October 31st and the winners will be notified no later than November 19th.
In addition to getting married on top of the Empire State Building, the winners will receive a special champagne toast, and each couple will be given a $500 gift bag packed with merchandise.

So if you have your heart set on being married atop the Empire State Building, this may be your very last chance, since private wedding are no longer being held there.
Enter the contest now.
I wish you the best of luck.

If you and your fiancé are among the lucky winners, then you’ll certainly have cause to shout:
Top of the world, Ma!
Top of the World!