Ah, what to give your favorite eco-friendly, green-minded couple?

These days that’s an increasingly common dilemma and it’s likely to become even more common as the doctrine of eco-consciousness spreads far and wide in the later years of the 21st Century.

If a couple has made their green consciousness plain to their friends and loved ones, I feel that it’s only good taste and considerate to respect their wishes, just as is you were dealing with a Vegan couple, or a couple with strong and specific religious beliefs.

You don’t want to give them something that will violate what they believe in.
So, what should you give an eco-conscious couple?

green wedding giftWell, I think that a nice gift for any married couple, but especially one with strong green beliefs is some kind of eco-friendly wedding gift like bedding that boasts a high thread count, including the sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads, duvets, comforters and the like created from organic cotton that’s grown with absolutely no pesticides and comes from a country or farm that doesn’t exploit its workers.

It’s important to buy organic, but never forget the human element.
Part of a green consciousness also insists on fair and humane treatment of everyone involved in the growth and manufacture of green products.
Besides, won’t you, as the gift giver, feel better knowing that the workers who made it aren’t employed in some kind of nasty sweatshop environment?
I know I would.

And just because they’re eco friendly, organic bedding doesn’t have to be bland and boring.
There’s enough of a demand for eco friendly bedding these days that it’s available in a whole range of styles and colors, from fancy to plain-Jane.
You can even buy organic cotton bedding that contains no dyes because the cotton is one of the new colored varieties that are being grown in a whole range of colors.
Imagine that, organic, dye-free cotton bedding.

Of course, you’ll know your friends’ tastes better than anyone else, so pick out what they will like.
Go for good quality of course so that they’ll be enjoying it for years to come and thinking of your kindness and generosity when they do so.
It is possible to match good taste with a highly developed green consciousness and make everyone happy.

And if you’re going green with an eco friendly wedding gift like organic cotton bedding colored with organic dyes, why not go all the way and make your gift of bedding vegan, too, by avoiding buying pillows or comforters that are made with any kind of feathers or down from animals.