It may not be the most important decision you make about your wedding, but the special wedding song you choose that will be played for you and your new spouse at your wedding reception will really say a lot about you as a couple, so be sure to choose carefully, thoughtfully, and with a great deal of patience and a sense of compromise. It may very well be that there’s some song that you dearly love, that has always had special meaning to you that your intended absolutely can’t stand. In the case of the special wedding song that will be played for you to dance to as a couple, you need to be flexible, you need to be patient, and you need to be understanding of the musical tastes of the person you’re marrying.

wedding musicThe song you choose together should be based on a consensus between you and your partner. It should be an expression of your love, your happiness, the hopes that you have for your future together. This needs to be a song that both of you can cherish forever, one that will always be the source of happy memories. Even if you and your partner have very different musical tastes, try to find common ground. This wedding song is so important to your blessed event that it needs to be chosen with utmost care, for at the moment it’s playing, you’ll be looking into the eyes of the person that you love more than anyone else in the whole world. It should be romantic, it should be passionate, and it should also be a song that you can both listen to for years, long into the future because it will always be your “special wedding song.”

This is not a choice to be made quickly or impulsively. It may take you and your fiancée hours, days, nights, even weeks to settle on a wedding song that’s appropriate. It’s important not to choose a song that is meaningful to you both just because it was playing when you met. Imagine if you first met and danced to Sir Mixalot’s “Baby Got Back.” Do you really want something like that, or some other trendy hip-hop or pop song to be your special song at your wedding? Try to pick something classy, timeless and beautiful, for, hopefully, you and your spouse are going to be listening to it for a long, long time to come.